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2023-01-18 Wed

#5014. When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman? の諺のヴァリエーション [proverb][spenser][conversion][purism]

 2日間の記事 ([2023-01-16-1], [2023-01-17-1]) で標題の諺について考えてきた.今回は Speake の諺辞典と OED より,歴史的なヴァリエーションを拾い出してみよう.

 ・ c 1340 R. Rolle in G. G. perry Religious Pieces (EETS) 88 When Adam dalfe [dug] and Eue spane ... Whare was than the pride of man?
 ・ 1381 in Brown & Robbins Index Middle English Verse (1943) 628 Whan adam delffid and eve span, Who was than a gentilman?
 ・ a1450 in C. Brown Relig. Lyrics 14th Cent. (1924) 96 When adam delf & eue span, spir, if þou wil spede, Whare was þan þe pride of man þat now merres his mede.
 ・ a1450 T. Walsingham Historia Anglicana (1864) II. 32 Whan Adam dalf, and Eve span, Wo was thanne a gentilman?
 ・ c1525 J. Rastell Of Gentylnes & Nobylyte sig. Aviv For when adam dolf and eue span who was then a gentylman.
 ・ 1562 J. Pilkington Aggeus & Abadias I. ii. When Adam dalve, and Eve span, Who was than a gentleman? Up start the carle, and gathered good, And thereof came the gentle blood.
 ・ 1777 T. Campbell Philos. Surv. S. Ireland xxxii. 308 England..had its Levellers, who, aggrieved by the monopoly of farms, rebelliously asked, When Adam delved, and Eve span, Where was then your Gentleman?
 ・ 1979 C. E. Schorske Fin-de Siécle Vienna vi. When Adam delved and Eve span Who was then the gentleman? The question had ironic relevance for the arrivé.
 ・ 2013 New Statesman May (online) An oral peasant culture, such as still survives in the Balkan countryside, is a fertile context for the transmission of history and ideas through ballad and song. This is not so different from 'When Adam Delved and Eve Span', which we've inherited from our 14th-century Peasants' Revolt.

 delve の過去形としては,後期中英語の段階から従来の強変化形に加えて新しい弱変化形も現われていたことが分かる.一方,今回の証拠の範囲内では,過去形 span は不変であり,現代標準的な spun に置き換えられた例はない.また,疑問詞として who の代わりに where が用いられているもの,a gentlemanyour gentleman のように the 以外が用いられているものもあった.gentleman の代わりの pride of man というのもおもしろい.
 最後に,古風あるいはほとんど使われない名詞 delve について一言触れておきたい.これは古英語 gedelf (> PDE delf) に遡る一種の異形とも解釈できるかもしれないが,初出が1590年の Spenser Faerie Queene であることを考えると,Spenser 流の懐古的・擬古的な言葉遣いが反映された,動詞 delve からの品詞転換 (conversion) の事例とととらえることもできそうだ(cf. 「#1410. インク壺語批判と本来語回帰」 ([2013-03-07-1])).見方次第だが,死語の復活に類するものといえる.

 ・ Speake, Jennifer, ed. The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs. 6th ed. Oxford: OUP, 2015.

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