#4790. therethey に相当する中英語の it の用法[personal_pronoun][expletive][syntax][agreement][me][french][german][existential_sentence]


 中英語を読んでいると,it の用法が現代英語よりも広くて戸惑うことがある.例えば there is 構文のような存在文 (existential_sentence) における there の代わりに it が用いられることがある(cf. フランス語 il y a, ドイツ語 es gibt).Mustanoja (132) から解説と例文を示そう.動詞が it ではなく意味上の主語に一致していることに注意.

In many instances it occurs in a pleonastic function carried out by there in Pres. E: --- of hise mouth it stod a stem, Als it were a sunnebem (Havelok 591); --- of þe erth it groues tres and gress (Cursor 545, Cotton MS); --- it es na land þat man kan neven ... þat he ne sal do þam to be soght (Cursor 22169, Cotton MS); --- bot it were a fre wymmon þat muche of love had fonde (Harley Lyr. xxxii 3); --- hit arn aboute on þis bench bot berdles chylder (Gaw. & GK 280); --- bot hit ar ladyes innoȝe (Gaw. & GK 1251).

 関連して「#1565. existential there の起源 (1)」 ([2013-08-09-1]),「#1566. existential there の起源 (2)」 ([2013-08-10-1]),「#4473. 存在文における形式上の主語と意味上の主語」 ([2021-07-26-1]) を参照.
 もう1つは,事実上 they に相当するような it の用法だ.こちらも Mustanoja (132--33) より解説と例を示そう.

Another aspect in the ME use of the formal it is seen in the following cases where it is virtually equivalent to 'they:' --- holi men hit were beiene (Lawman B 14811; cf. hali men heo weoren bæien, A); --- it ben aires of hevene alle þat ben crounede (PPl. C vi 59); --- thoo atte last aspyed y That pursevantes and heraudes ... Hyt weren alle (Ch. HF 1323). --- to þe gentyl Lomb hit arn anioynt (Pearl 895); --- hit arn fettled in on forme, þe forme and þe laste ... And als ... hit arn of on kynde (Patience 38--40); --- þei ... cownseld hyr to folwyn hyr mevynggys and hyr steringgys and trustly belevyn it weren of þe Holy Gost and of noon evyl spyryt (MKempe 3). This use goes back to OE. Cf. also German es sind ... and French ce sont ...


 ・ Mustanoja, T. F. A Middle English Syntax. Helsinki: Société Néophilologique, 1960.

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