#5334. 英語名前学を志す学徒に Cecily Clark より悲報!?[onomastics][oe][name_project][toponymy][personal_name][evidence][philology][methodology]


 今年の夏に立ち上げた「名前プロジェクト」 (name_project) の一環として,名前学 (onomastic) の文献を読む機会が多くなっている.ここ数日の hellog 記事でも,Clark を参照して古英語の名前学に関する話題をお届けしてきた.
 この Clark の論文の最後の段落が強烈である.英語名前学を研究しようと思ったら,これだけの知識と覚悟がいる,という本当のこと(=厳しいこと)を畳みかけてくるのだ.せっかくここまで読んできて英語名前学への関心を焚きつけられた読者が,この最後のくだりを目にして「やーめた」とならないかと,こちらがヒヤヒヤするほどである.

Because lack of context makes name-etymology especially speculative, any opinion proffered in a survey or a name-dictionary must be considered critically, as basis for further investigation rather than as definitive statement. Anyone wishing to pursue historical name-studies of either sort seriously must, in addition to becoming conversant with the philology of the relevant medieval languages, be able to read Medieval Latin as well as modern French and German. Assessing and interpreting the administrative records that form the main course-material is the essential first step in any onomastic study, and requires understanding of palaeographical and diplomatic techniques; competence in numismatics may on occasion also be needed. Onomastic analysis itself involves not only political, social and cultural history but also, when place-names are concerned, a grasp of cartography, geology, archaeology and agrarian development. Any student suitably trained and equipped will find great scope for making original contributions to this field of study.


 ・ Clark, Cecily. "Onomastics." The Cambridge History of the English Language. Vol. 1. Ed. Richard M. Hogg. Cambridge: CUP, 1992. 452--89.

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