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 本日11月20日(土)の 13:00?14:30 に,立命館大学国際言語文化研究所の主催する「国際英語文化の多様性に関する学際研究」プロジェクトの一環として「世界の "English" から "Englishes" の世界へ」のタイトルでお話しさせていただきます(立命館大学の岡本広毅先生,これまでのご準備等,ありがとうございます).Zoom による参加も可能ですので,ご関心のある方はこちらの案内をご覧ください.
 また,今朝すでにアップした私の音声ブログ Voicy の番組 「英語の語源が身につくラジオ (heldio)」 では,「立命館大学,岡本広毅先生との対談:国際英語とは何か?」と題する対談を行なっていますので,そちらもぜひ聴いてみてください.
 さて,"World Englishes" に関する講演ということで,本日のブログ記事としても世界の様々な英語のサンプルを示したいと思います.ただし "Englishes" の多様性を示すために部分を切り抜いたランダムなサンプルを挙げるにすぎませんので,その点はご了承を.本日の講演では,以下の例を用いて話し始めたいと思っています.よろしくどうぞ.

・ Northern English (Yorkshire): B. Hines, Kes (1968) [qtd. in Gramley 198]

Hey up, where's tha been? They've been looking all over for thee.

・ Scots Leid: Aboot William Loughton Lorimer (2009) [qtd. in Gramley 201]

Lorimer haed aye been interestit in the Scots leid (syne he wis a bairn o nine year auld he haed written doun Scots wirds an eedioms) an his kennin o the strauchles o minority leids that he got frae his readins o the nautral press durin the Weir led him tae feel that something needit daein tae rescue the Scots laid.

・ Tok Pisin: from Mühlhäusler (1986) [qtd. in Gramley 223]

em i tok se papa i gat sik ["he said that the father was sick"]

・ Hawaiian Creole English: from Bickerton (1981) [qtd. in Gramley 226]

Jan bin go wok a hospital ["John would have worked at the hospital"]

・ Jamaican Creole: "William Saves His Sweetheart" [qtd. in Gramley 238]

nóu wants dér wáz, a úol wíč liedi lív, had wán són, níem av wiljəm. ["Once upon a time there was an old witch, who had a son whose name was William."]

・ AAVE (= African American Vernacular English): A. Walker, The Color Purple (1982) [qtd. in Gramley 269]

I seen my baby girl. I knowed it was her. She look just like me and my daddy.

・ Cape Flats SAfE: Malan (1996) [qtd. in Gramley 300]

Now me and E. speaks English. And when we went one day to a workshop --- and uh, most of the teachers there were Africaans --- and we were there; they were looking at us like that you know. And I asked E., "Why's this people staring at us?" She said, "No, I don't know."

・ Nigerian English: "Igbo Girls Like Money a Lot" (2006) (qted. in Gramley 319)

Igbo girls are hardworking, smart, successful and independent so ain't nuffin wrong in them lookin for a hardoworkin, successful man. if u ain't gats the money, they aint gon want u cos u below their level of achievement.

・ Hong Kong English: Joseph (2004) [qtd. in Gramley 321]

However, as Hong Kong is going through an economic down turn recently, we shall have to see. . . Last year we have raised more than two million Hong Kong Dollars.

・ Singapore English [qtd. in Gramley 328]

The tans [= military unit] use to stay in Sarangoon.

 ・ Gramley, Stephan. The History of English: An Introduction. Abingdon: Routledge, 2012.

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