#3356. 標準発音の整備は18世紀後半から[standardisation][prescriptivism][pronunciation][walker][rp][phonetics][dictionary][ipa]


「#2772. 標準化と規範化の試みは,語彙→文法→発音の順序で (1)」 ([2016-11-28-1]),「#2773. 標準化と規範化の試みは,語彙→文法→発音の順序で (2)」 ([2016-11-29-1]) で触れたように,英語史における標準化・規範化の流れのなかで発音がターゲットにされたのは最も遅い時期だった.18世紀後半に発音辞書が出版され始めたのがその走りだったが,より本格的な発音の "codification" が試みられたのはさらに1世紀後,IPA(International Phonetic Alphabet; 国際音標文字)が生み出された19世紀後半のことだった.そして,その流れは20世紀,さらに21世紀へと続いている.Nevalainen and Tieken-Boon van Ostade (307--08) の解説を引用しよう.

It is only relatively recently that the norms of standard British (or rather English) English pronunciation were first systematically codified. Attempts were made to that effect in pronunciation dictionaries in the late eighteenth century by Walker (1791) and, in particular, Sheridan (1780). However, a more detailed codification did not become possible until the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) came into existence and began to be used by Henry Sweet, Daniel Jones and their fellow phoneticians in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Jones' works ran into a large number of editions, An Outline of English Phonetics, first published in its entirely in 1918, into as many as nine. His English Pronouncing Dictionary came out in 1917 and underwent a series of revisions first by Jones himself, and later by A. C. Gimson and Susan Ramsaran (14th edition, 1977). Its sixteenth edition, prepared by Peter Roach and James Hartman, came out in 2003. The most comprehensive recent work in the field is John Wells' Longman Pronunciation Dictionary (1990), which shows both RP and General American pronunciations.

 引用では,発音の規範化の走りとなった18世紀後半でとりわけ影響力をもったものとして Walker が触れられているが,それについては「#1456. John Walker の A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary (1791)」 ([2013-04-22-1]) を参照.Walker の現代の末裔として Longman Pronunciation Dictionary の名前が挙げられているが,この発音辞書は本ブログでも発音を話題にするときに何度となくお世話になってきた.

 ・ Nevalainen, Terttu and Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade. "Standardisation." Chapter 5 of A History of the English Language. Ed. Richard Hogg and David Denison. Cambridge: CUP, 2006. 271--311.

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