#2526. 古英語と中英語の文学史年表[literature][chronology][timeline][me][oe][history]


 中世英文学の主要作品と年表について「#1433. 10世紀以前の古英語テキストの分布」 ([2013-03-30-1]),「#1044. 中英語作品,Chaucer,Shakespeare,聖書の略記一覧」 ([2012-03-06-1]),「#2323 中英語の方言ごとの主要作品」 ([2015-09-06-1]),「#2503. 中英語文学」 ([2016-03-04-1]) で見てきたが,もう少し一覧性の高いものが欲しいと思い,Treharne の中世英文学作品集の pp. xvi--xvii に掲げられている年表を再現することにした.政治史と連動した文学史の年表となっている.

Historical eventsLiterary landmarks
From c. 449: Anglo-Saxon settlements 
597: St Augustine arrives to convert Anglo-Saxons 
664: Synod of Whitby 
 c. 670? Cædmon's Hymn
 731: Bede finishes Ecclesiastical History
735: Death of Bede 
793: Vikings raid Lindisfarne 
869: Vikings kill King Edmund of East Anglia 
879--99: Alfred reigns as king of Wessexfrom c. 890: Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
 Alfredian translations of Bede's Ecclesiastical History; Gregory's Pastoral Care; Orosius; Boethius's Consolation of Philosophy; Augustine's Soliloquies
937: Battle of Brunanburh 
from c. 950: Benedictine reform 
 c. 970: Exeter Book copied
959--75: King Edgar reignsc. 975: Vercelli Book copied
978--1016: Æthelred 'the Unready' reigns990s: Ælfric's Catholic Homilies and Lives of Saints
c. 1010: death of Ælfricc. 1010?: Junius manuscript copied
 c. 1014: Wulfstan's sermo Lupi ad Anglos
1016--35: Cnut, king of England 
1023: death of Wulfstan 
1042--66: Edward the confessor reignsApollonius of Tyre
1066: Battle of Hastings 
1066--87: William the Conqueror reigns 
1135: Stephen becomes kingGeoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae
1135--54: civil war between King Stephen and Empress MatildaPeterborough Chronicle continuations
1154--89: Henry II reigns1155: Wace's Roman de Brut
 1170--90: Chrétien de Troyes's Romances
 c. 1170s: The Orrmulum
 Poema Morale
 1180s: Marie de France's Lais
1189--99: Richard I reignsc. 1190--1200? Trinity Homilies
1199--1216: John reignsc. 1200? Hali Meiðhad
1204: loss of Normandy 
1215: Magna Carta 
1215: fourth Lateran Council 
1216--72: Henry III reignsc. 1220 Laȝamon's Brut
1224: Franciscan friars arrive in Englandc. 1225: Ancrene Wisse
 c. 1225: King Horn
1272--1307: Edward I reignsManuscript Digby 86 copied
 Manuscript Jesus 29 copied
 Manuscript Cotton Caligula A. ix copied
 Manuscript Arundel 292 copied
 Manuscript Trinity 323 copied
 South English Legendary composed
 c. 1300: Cursor Mundi
 1303: Robert Mannyng of Brunne begins Handlyng Synne
1307--27: Edward II reigns 
1327--77: Edward III reignsAuchinleck Manuscript copied
 Manuscript Harley 2253 copied
1337(--1454): Hundred Years' War with France 
 1338: Robert Mannyng of Brunne's Chronicle
 1340: Ayenbite of Inwit
c. 1343: Geoffrey Chaucer born 
 Ywain and Gawain translated
1349: Black Death comes to England 
1349: Richard Rolle dies 
 1355--80: Athelston
 Wynnere and Wastoure written
 1360s--1390s: Piers Plowman
1362: English displaces French as language of lawcourts and Parliament 
 1370s--1400: Canterbury Tales
1377: Richard II accedes to throne1370s: Julian of Norwich's Vision
1381: Peasants' Revolt breaks out 
1399: Richard II deposed 
1399: Henry IV accedes to the throne 
 c. 1400: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
 c. 1400: Chaucer dies
 c. 1410--30: Book of Margery Kempe

 ・ Treharne, Elaine, ed. Old and Middle English c. 890--c. 1450: An Anthology. 3rd ed. Malden, Mass.: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.

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