#1210. 中英語のフランス借用語の一覧[french][loan_word][lexicology][me][web_service][cgi]


 フランス借用語の簡易データベースを,Baugh and Cable (169--74, 177) に基づいて作成し,意味その他の基準で9個のカテゴリーに分けた (Miscellany; Fashion, Meals, and Social Life; Art, Learning, Medicine; Government and Administration; Law; Army and Navy; Christian Church; 15th-Century Literary Words; Phrases) .954個の語句からなるデータを納めたテキストファイルはこちら.ここから,カテゴリーごとに10語句をランダムに取り出したのが,以下のリストである.このリストに飽き足りなければ,


  1. Miscellany
  2. please, curious, scandal, approach, faggot, push, fierce, double, purify, carpenter

  3. Fashion, Meals, and Social Life
  4. train, pullet, mustard, sugar, enamel, mackerel, sole, fashion, jollity, russet

  5. Art, Learning, Medicine
  6. pulse, color, cloister, pen, pillar, ceiling, base, lattice, cellar, sulphur

  7. Government and Administration
  8. rebel, retinue, reign, duchess, allegiance, treaty, nobility, court, tax, statute

  9. Law
  10. mainpernor, arson, judge, property, culpable, amerce, convict, bounds, innocent, legacy

  11. Army and Navy
  12. arm, array, arms, soldier, chieftain, portcullis, havoc, brandish, stratagem, combat

  13. Christian Church
  14. incense, faith, abbey, passion, immortality, cardinal, friar, legate, virtue, convent

  15. 15th-Century Literary Words
  16. ingenious, appellation, destitution, harangue, prolongation, furtive, sumptuous, combustion, diversify, representation

  17. Phrases
  18. according to, to hold one's peace, without fail, in vain, on the point of, subject to, to make believe, by heart, at large, to draw near

 ・ Baugh, Albert C. and Thomas Cable. A History of the English Language. 5th ed. London: Routledge, 2002.

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