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 take, meme, fine, pope, cute などの語末の -e は,それ自体は発音されないが,先行する母音を「長音」で読ませる合図として機能する.このような用法の emagic e (マジック e)と呼ばれる.魔法のように他の母音の発音を遠隔操作してしまうからだろう.英語教育・学習上の用語としてよく知られている.
 magic e の働きや歴史の詳細は hellog より以下の記事を参照されたい.

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 今回は magic e という呼称そのものに焦点を当てたい.OED の magic, adj. (and int.) のもとに追い込み見出しが立てられている.

magic e n. (also with capital initials) (chiefly in primary school literacy teaching) a silent e at the end of a word or morpheme following a consonant, which lengthens the preceding vowel and consequently appears to transform its sound; as the e in hope, lute, casework, etc.
     Cf. silent adj. 3c.
   1918 Primary Educ. Mar. 183/2 Let us see how the a will sound after magic e is fastened on mat. (Write mate on board. Pronounce.) You see what trick he did. He changed short a into long a.
   2005 L. Wendon & L. Holt Letterland: Adv. Teacher's Guide (2009) ii. 58 It was recommended that children play-act the Magic e's function in tap and tape.

 上記で Cf. として挙げられている silent, adj. and n. を参照してみると,3c の項に "silent e" に関する記述があった.

c. Of a letter: written but not pronounced. Cf. mute adj. 4b, magic e n. at magic adj. Compounds.
     Sometimes designating a letter whose absence would have no impact on the pronunciation of the word, as b in doubt, and sometimes designating a letter that has a diacritic function, as final e indicating the length of the vowel of a preceding syllable, as in mute or fate.
   1582 R. Mulcaster 1st Pt. Elementarie xvii. 113 Som vse the same silent e, after r, in the end, as lettre, cedre, childre, and such, where methink it were better to be the flat e, before r, as letter, ceder, childer.
   1775 J. Walker Dict. Eng. Lang. sig. 4Ov Persuade, whose final E is silent, and serves only to lengthen the sound of the A in the last syllable.
   1881 E. B. Tylor Anthropol. vii. 179 The now silent letters are relics of sounds which used to be really heard in Anglo-Saxon.
   2017 Hispania 100 286 The letter 'h' is silent in Spanish and is often omitted by those who are not familiar with the spelling of a word.

 magic e は "silent e" と同値ではない.前者は後者の特殊事例である.上の引用で Mulcaster からの初例は magic e のことを述べているわけではないことに注意が必要である.一方,2つ目の Walker からの例は,確かに magic e のことを述べている.
 さらに mute, adj. and n.3 の 4b の項を覗いてみると "mute e" という呼び方もあると分かる.これは "silent e" と同値である.この呼称の初例は次の通りで,そこでは実質的に magic e のことを述べている.

1840 Proc. Philol. Soc. 3 6 It gradually was established..that when a mute e followed a single consonant the preceding vowel was a long one.

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