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 連日話題にしている "aureate termes" (あるいは aureate_diction)と関連して,OED で aureate, adj. の項を引いてみた.まず語義1として原義に近い "Golden, gold-coloured." との定義が示され,c1450からの初例が示されている.続いて語義2に,お目当ての文学・修辞学で用いられる比喩的な語義が掲載されている.

2. fig. Brilliant or splendid as gold, esp. in literary or rhetorical skill; spec. designating or characteristic of a highly ornamental literary style or diction (see quotes.).

1430 Lydgate tr. Hist. Troy Prol. And of my penne the traces to correcte Whiche barrayne is of aureat lycoure.
1508 W. Dunbar Goldyn Targe (Chepman & Myllar) in Poems (1998) I. 186 Your [Homer and Cicero's] aureate tongis both bene all to lyte For to compile that paradise complete.
1625 S. Purchas Pilgrimes ii. 1847 If I erre, I will beg indulgence of the Pope's aureat magnificence.
1819 T. Campbell Specimens Brit. Poets I. ii. 93 The prevailing fault of English diction, in the fifteenth century, is redundant ornament, and an affectation of anglicising Latin words. In this pedantry and use of 'aureate terms', the Scottish versifiers went even beyond their brethren of the south.
1908 G. G. Smith in Cambr. Hist. Eng. Lit. II. iv. 93 The chief effort was to transform the simpler word and phrase into 'aureate' mannerism, to 'illumine' the vernacular.
1919 J. C. Mendenhall Aureate Terms i. 7 Such long and supposedly elegant words have been dubbed ???aureate terms???, because..they represent a kind of verbal gilding of literary style. The phrase may be traced back..in the sense of long Latinical words of learned aspect, used to express a comparatively simple idea.
1936 C. S. Lewis Allegory of Love vi. 252 This peculiar brightness..is the final cause of the whole aureate style.

 1819年, 1908年の批評的な例文からは,areate terms を虚飾的とするネガティヴな評価がうかがわれる.また,1919年の Mendenhall からの例文は,areate terms のもう1つの定義を表わしている.
 遅ればせながら,この単語の語源はラテン語の aureāus (decorated with gold) である.なお,「桂冠詩人」を表わす poet laureateaureate と脚韻を踏むが,この表現も1429年の Lydgate が初出である(ただし laureat poete の形ではより早く Chaucer に現われている).

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