#983. flat adverb の種類[adverb][adjective][loan_word][flat_adverb][binomial]


 過去2日の記事 (##981,982) で flat adverb の問題に言及してきたが,flat adverb と一口に言っても様々な種類がある.昨日挙げた例のなかだけでも,He ran goodreal bad news とでは副詞としての用法が異なる.今回は『新英語学辞典』に従って,主として -ly adverb と比較しながら,flat adverb の種類を分類してみよう.

 (1) flat adverb と -ly adverb の両方が用いられる場合に,意味を違えていることが多い.dear vs dearly, fast vs fastly, free vs freely, hard vs hardly, late vs lately, near vs nearly, pretty vs prettily などの例がある.
 (2) 日常語・口語・俗語として,特にアメリカ英語で好まれる.次例のごとく,ひきしまった力強い感じを与えることが多い.

  Alice's elbow was pressed hard against it.
  But she did not venture to say it out loud.
  Then they both bowed low.
  I lighted the torch high.
  Sure you won't change your mind and come and look for lions in Rhodesia?
  I shall doubtless see you tomorrow.

 (3) 主に強調語として他の語を修飾する.mighty cold, burning hot, real good ([2012-01-04-1]), terrible strong, dead tired.
 (4) 比較の表現や直喩 (simile) においては,flat adverb の容認度が高くなる.

  Come as quick as you can.
  I can't stay longer.
  He stared at me now as expressionless as a stone.
  Silver leant back against the wall as calm as though he had been in church.
  Helpless as a sheep, I moved along under his expert direction.

 (5) binomial として,副詞が連続する場合.speak loud and clear, lose fair and square, be brought up short and sharp, etc. (Quirk et al. 406)
 (6) 詩において.One road leads to the river, As it goes singing slow. (Masefield)
 (7) flat adverb は -ly adverb と異なり,動詞の(あるいは目的語があればその)後位置に限られる.He drove slow.; We got the house cheap.
 (8) be, appear, look, sound, feel, taste, smell, turn, run, grow, prove, remain などの第1文型も第2文型も取り得る動詞に後続する場合には,flat adverb か -ly adverb かによって文型が分かれる.The train appeared slow/slowly.; The boys looked eager/eagerly.

 ・ 大塚 高信,中島 文雄 監修 『新英語学辞典』 研究社,1987年.
 ・ Quirk, Randolph, Sidney Greenbaum, Geoffrey Leech, and Jan Svartvik. A Comprehensive Grammar of the English Language. London: Longman, 1985.

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