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2024-01-09 Tue

#5370. 社会名前学における前途有望な分野は「商標言語学」 [sociolinguistics][onomastics][name_project][socio-onomastics][trademark][goshosan][voicy][heldio]

 「#5360. 社会言語学×名前学=社会名前学」 ([2023-12-30-1]) で紹介した "Names in Society" と題するハンドブック論文の結論部に,今後の社会名前学 (socio-onomastics) の見通しが記されている.その1節を引用する.

Socio-onomastic research has been carried out for over forty years now. In spite of the multifaceted research thus far, many areas have still hardly been touched upon. In the socio-onomastic study of place-names, rural names have been in focus for decades, but urban names still lack comprehensive research. So far we know very little about what place-names --- both official and unofficial --- are used in multi-layered and often multilingual urban environments. The same topic also concerns personal names: How are they used in multilingual contexts? Research into commercial names is still rather scarce due to the young age of the field, and socio-onomastic studies are few. One of the most interesting questions for the future is to investigate the attitudes and stances that people take towards commercial names and how people talk about commercial products and businesses in actual language use. (380--81)

 最後の文で述べられているのは,まさに「商標言語学」 (trademark linguistics) である.「商標言語学」といえば,目下「名前プロジェクト」 (name_project) で一緒に研究している五所万実さん(目白大学)である.これまでも Voicy heldio その他に出演していただき,2023年のリスナー投票では,五所さんとの対談回の2つが第3位と第7位にランクインしている(「#5363. 2023年のリスナー投票による heldio の推し配信回ベスト10が決定!」 ([2024-01-02-1]) を参照).

 ・ 「#667. 五所万実さんとの対談 --- 商標言語学とは何か?」
 ・ 「#671. 五所万実さんとの対談 --- 商標の記号論的考察」


 ・ 「#5078. 法言語学 (forensic linguistics)」 ([2023-03-23-1])
 ・ 「#5085. 五所万実さんとの Voicy 対談で「商標言語学」を導入しています」 ([2023-03-30-1])
 ・ 「#5092. 商標言語学と英語史・歴史言語学の接点」 ([2023-04-06-1])

 ・ Ainiala, Terhi. "Names in Society." Chapter 25 of The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming. Ed. Carole Hough. Oxford: OUP, 2016. 371--81.

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2023-12-30 Sat

#5360. 社会言語学×名前学=社会名前学 [sociolinguistics][onomastics][name_project][socio-onomastics][variation]

 社会言語学 (sociolinguistics) × 名前学 (onomastics) = 社会名前学 (socio-onomastics)

 ストレートで分かりやすい式である.「名前プロジェクト」 (name_project) の一環として名前学のハンドブック (The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming) を読み進めているが,このような分野が確立していたのかと驚きつつ,目が輝いた.正確にいえばハンドブックを購入して目次を眺めたときに,該当する第25章の "Names in Society" というタイトルには気づいていたのだが,ハマりそうなので敢えて読むのを我慢していたところがある.いよいよ読み始めてしまった.

In socio-onomastics, names in society are examined. Socio-onomastics can be defined as a sociolinguistic study of names. Above all, it explores the use and variation of names. The socio-onomastic research method takes into account the social, cultural, and situational field in which names are used. In this chapter, the methodology and major advancements in socio-onomastics are presented and discussed. In addition, an overview of the epistemological background is presented, as well as a brief look at the state of the art. Name variation is the core concern in socio-onomastics. In this chapter, the synchronic and especially social variation are discussed in more detail. In addition to social ('sociolect') variation, situational ('style lect') variation is presented. Also folk onomastic research as a sub-category in socio-onomastics is presented. Folk onomastics studies people's beliefs and perceptions of names and name use.


Keywords: socio-onomastics, folk onomastics, toponymic competence, first name fashion, place-names, personal names, commercial names

 ・ Ainiala, Terhi. "Names in Society." Chapter 25 of The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming. Ed. Carole Hough. Oxford: OUP, 2016. 371--81.

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