#5360. 社会言語学×名前学=社会名前学[sociolinguistics][onomastics][name_project][socio-onomastics][variation]


 社会言語学 (sociolinguistics) × 名前学 (onomastics) = 社会名前学 (socio-onomastics)

 ストレートで分かりやすい式である.「名前プロジェクト」 (name_project) の一環として名前学のハンドブック (The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming) を読み進めているが,このような分野が確立していたのかと驚きつつ,目が輝いた.正確にいえばハンドブックを購入して目次を眺めたときに,該当する第25章の "Names in Society" というタイトルには気づいていたのだが,ハマりそうなので敢えて読むのを我慢していたところがある.いよいよ読み始めてしまった.

In socio-onomastics, names in society are examined. Socio-onomastics can be defined as a sociolinguistic study of names. Above all, it explores the use and variation of names. The socio-onomastic research method takes into account the social, cultural, and situational field in which names are used. In this chapter, the methodology and major advancements in socio-onomastics are presented and discussed. In addition, an overview of the epistemological background is presented, as well as a brief look at the state of the art. Name variation is the core concern in socio-onomastics. In this chapter, the synchronic and especially social variation are discussed in more detail. In addition to social ('sociolect') variation, situational ('style lect') variation is presented. Also folk onomastic research as a sub-category in socio-onomastics is presented. Folk onomastics studies people's beliefs and perceptions of names and name use.


Keywords: socio-onomastics, folk onomastics, toponymic competence, first name fashion, place-names, personal names, commercial names

 ・ Ainiala, Terhi. "Names in Society." Chapter 25 of The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming. Ed. Carole Hough. Oxford: OUP, 2016. 371--81.

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