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2024-02-10 Sat

#5402. 2023年度に提出された卒論論文と修士論文の題目 [hel_education][sotsuron][shuron][khelf][seminar][link]


[ 卒業論文 ]

 ・ Changes in the Frequency of Inanimate S-Genitive Case Use in British Popular and Quality Papers
 ・ The Characteristics and Development of Suffix -some in the History of English
 ・ The Origin and Development of the Construction It is Adj of NP to VP
 ・ The Difference between To-infinitive and Bare Infinitive in a Subjective Complement
 ・ A Study on the Singular and Plural Concord with the Collective Noun "Government"
 ・ An HTOED-Based Study on Semantic Change of Words Meaning "Delicious"
 ・ Contemporary Usage of 'unto' with Semantic Extension from the Bible
 ・ The Usage of Metonymies Shared among ENL Areas: The Case of Governmental Facilities
 ・ Stylistic Differences and Literary Commonalities among Two Works of George Orwell
 ・ Changes in the Social Demand and Frequency of the Woman's Honorific Title Ms
 ・ Decoding the N-word: A 20-Year Analysis of Language Evolution in Grammy Nominated Rap (2004--2024)
 ・ Political Correctness of the Infectious Disease Names: Hansen's disease, AIDS, and Mpox
 ・ Class Society and Language in Britain: Focusing on the Linguistic Characteristics of the Beatles
 ・ Changes and Trends of English Use in the Indian Movies: New Middle Class as the Audience

[ 修士論文 ]

 ・ Tautologies in the History of English: Their Usage and Conventionality

 過年度のゼミ卒業論文の題目についてはこちらの記事セットあるいは sotsuron をどうぞ.英語史分野のテーマ探しのヒントとなるかと思います.khelf HP より「研究テーマ紹介」,あるいはゼミ紹介 HP より「ゼミ生の卒論テーマ」も役立つと思います.

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2023-03-06 Mon

#5061. 2022年度に提出された卒論論文と修士論文の題目 [hel_education][sotsuron][shuron][khelf]


[ 卒業論文 ]

 ・ How Dialects are Used in Disney Movies: Trends of the Dialect Application in Disney Movies from 1940s--2020s
 ・ Belonging and Representation of LGBTQ People
 ・ The Transition of British Standard English --- The Shifting Status of Received Pronunciation and the Rise of Estuary English
 ・ "Make America Great Again" and Its Extended Use: A Corpus-Based Study of Donald Trump's Presidential Election Slogan and Its Parodies
 ・ The Lexical Erosion of American English on British English in Note Value Expressions
 ・ if it were not for or were it not for?: A Corpus-Based Study on Subjective Inversions
 ・ The Meaning Shift of "better" as a Colloquial Expression Compared with "had better": A Study Based on Both Corpus and Video Productions

[ 修士論文 ]

 ・ Variation between OV and VO in Subordinate Clauses in The Peterborough Chronicle

 過年度のゼミ卒業論文の題目についてはこちらの記事セットあるいは sotsuron をどうぞ.英語史分野のテーマ探しのヒントにもなるはずです.khelf ホームページより「研究テーマ紹介」も役立つと思います.

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