#5505. 古代ギリシアの方言観[greek][dialect][dialectology][hellenic][koine][lingua_franca]


 よく知られているように,古代ギリシア人はギリシア語以外の言語・民族については「バルバロイ」と蔑視する姿勢を示したが,ギリシア語諸方言についてはどのように見ていたのだろうか.Robins (15) に,古代ギリシアの他言語に対する態度やギリシア語内部の諸方言への眼差しを解説している箇所がある.特に後者を扱っている箇所を引用しよう.

. . . . the Greek designation of alien speakers as bárbaroi (βάρβαροι, whence our word barbarian), i.e. people who speak a language other than Greek, is probably indicative of their attitude.
   Quite different was the Greek awareness of their own dialectal divisions. The Greek language in Antiquity was more markedly divided into fairly sharply differentiated dialects than many other languages were. This was due both to the settlement of the Greek-speaking areas by successive waves of invaders, and to the separation into relatively small and independent communities that the mountainous configuration of much of the Greek mainland and the scattered islands of the adjoining seas forced on them. But that these dialects were dialects of a single language and that the possession of this language united the Greeks as a whole people, despite the almost incessant wars waged between the different 'city states' of the Greek world, is attested by at least one historian: Herodotus, in his account of the major achievement of a temporarily united Greece against the invading Persians at the beginning of the fifth century B.C., puts into the mouths of the Greek delegates a statement that among the bonds of unity among the Greeks in resisting the barbarians was 'the whole Greek community, being of one blood and one tongue'.

 引用最後のヘロドトス (8.114.2) への言及が興味深い.おそらく古代ギリシア人たちは明確に分かれていたギリシア語諸方言の存在を互いに認識していた.そして,それらを異なる方言とこそ捉えてはいたが,異なる言語とは捉えていなかった.諸方言からなるギリシア語は,ギリシア民族を(ペルシアに対抗して)まとめ上げる役割を果たしていたということだ.
 考えてみれば,ギリシア語は dialect という単語を生み出した母体であり,諸方言間を平準化した共通語 (koine) を誇った言語でもあった.関連して,以下の記事も参照されたい.

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 ・ Robins, R. H. A Short History of Linguistics. 4th ed. Longman: London and New York, 1997.

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