#5318. シェイクスピアの言語は "speaking picture"[shakespeare][drama][emode][literature][link]


 McKeown のシェイクスピアの言語論を読んだ.英語史のハンドブックのなかに納められている,"Shakespeare's Literary Language" と題する9ページほどのさほど長くない導入的エッセーである.結論的にいえば,沙翁の言語は "speaking picture" であるということだ.これは「語る絵画」と訳せばよいのだろうか.言葉によって,あたかも絵画を鑑賞しているような雰囲気に誘う,というほどの理解でよいだろうか.

There is much more to Shakespeare the poet than the soliloquy or the monologue but there is nothing more Shakespeare than this poetic mode. If we recognize that it derives from a tradition that regards poetry as a "speaking picture" that teaches and delights, we can give some critical substance to the oft made suggestion that Shakespeare, more than anyone else, teaches us what it means to be human. For what is definitive about human beings if not self-consciousness, and what is self-consciousness if not the capacity to act as witnesses to our own lives, to separate ourselves from our experiences, however blissful or devastating, and give them voice?

 沙翁については,本ブログでも shakespeare の各記事で取り上げてきたし,Voicy heldio でも話題にしてきた.主要なコンテンツを列挙しておこう.今後も多く取り上げていきたい.

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 ・ McKeown, Adam. N. "Shakespeare's Literary Language." Chapter 44 of A Companion to the History of the English Language. Ed. Haruko Momma and Michael Matto. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2008. 455--63.

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