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 本ブログでは,「二言語変種使い分け」と訳されるダイグロシア (diglossia) について,様々に取り上げてきた.この術語は,唱者である Ferguson が提示したオリジナルの(狭い)意味で用いられる場合と,Fishman が発展させた広い意味で用いられる場合がある.さらに triglossiapolyglossia という用語も派生してきた.それぞれ論者によって適用範囲や解釈も異なり,うがった見方をすれば「底意ありげ」に用いられる場合もありそうだ.理論的にも厄介な代物である.
 このような場合には,様々な用語辞典を比べてみるのがよい.その第1弾として,入門的な Trudgill (38--39) の社会言語学用語辞典より引こう.

diglossia (1) A term associated with the American linguist Charles A. Furguson which describes sociolinguistic situations such as those that obtain in Arabic-speaking countries and in German-speaking Switzerland. In such a diglossic community, the prestigious standard or 'High' (or H) variety, which is linguistically related to but significantly different from the vernacular or 'Low' (or L) varieties, has no native speakers. All members of the speech community are native speakers of one of the L varieties, such as Colloquial Arabic and Swiss German, and learn the H variety, such as Classical Arabic and Standard German, at school. H varieties are typically used in writing and in high-status spoken domains where preparation of what is to be said or read is possible. L varieties are used in all other contexts. (2) Ferguson's original term was later extended by the American sociolinguist Joshua Fishman to include sociolinguistic situations other than those where the H and L varieties are varieties of the same language, such as Arabic or German. In Fishman's usage, even multilingual countries such as Nigeria, where English functions as a nationwide prestige language which is learnt in school and local languages such as Hausa and Yoruba are spoken natively, are described as being diglossic. In these cases, languages such as English are described as H varieties, and languages such as Yoruba as L.

 古今東西の diglossia の典型例が引かれている,Ferguson のオリジナルの解釈と Fish の拡大解釈が対比的に導入されているなど,簡便にまとまった記述となっている.まずはこの辺りから確認しておくのがよい.

 ・ Trudgill, Peter. A Glossary of Sociolinguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003.

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