#4513. indigenised Englishes と English creoles の違いは程度の問題?[esl][creole][variety][world_englishes][new_englishes][language_shift][contact]


 歴史的にいえばアイルランド英語やインド英語のような "indigenised Englishes" は,基層言語と英語との言語接触および言語交替 (language_shift) の結果として生じた言語変種であり,英語との遺伝的な関係が保たれているとされる.一方,スリナムの Saramaccan のような "English creoles" は,英語との言語接触は前提とされているが,語彙提供言語である英語とは直接の遺伝的な関係のない言語変種とされる (cf. 「#463. 英語ベースのピジン語とクレオール語の一覧」 ([2010-08-03-1])) .
 上記は indigenised Englishes と English creoles を対比させる際の従来の説明の仕方である.要するにクレオール語を言語接触の例外的なケースととらえる立場だ.代表的な論者として Thomason and Kaufman を挙げておこう.
 しかし,近年では indigenised Englishes と English creoles の違いは,従来の見解が主張するような本質の違いではなく,程度の問題にすぎないのではないかという見方が広がってきている.そのような見方を採用する Winford (196) の説明に耳を傾けよう.

This recognition has led to a growing rapport between the study of the New Englishes and the study of English-lexicon creoles in the last couple of decades. It has given impetus to an earlier tradition of research concerned with the relationship between the two types of contact Englishes, which dates back to the 1980s . . . . The links between the two fields have more recently been reaffirmed in the work of scholars . . . . It is now generally acknowledged that the creation of the New Englishes shares a great deal in common with creole formation, with regard to both the socio-historical circumstances and the processes of change that were involved. The challenge facing us is to show how these two dimensions of language shift---the socio-historical and the linguistic---interact in the emergence of contact varieties. On the one hand, the diversity of outcomes that resulted from the spread of English to various colonies provides support for Thomason and Kaufman's claim that 'it is the sociolinguistic history of the speakers, and not the structure of their language, that is the primary determinant of the linguistic outcome of language contact' (1988: 35). At the same time, the emergence and evolution of contact Englishes supports the view that different outcomes are also constrained by the same principles and processes of change that operate in shift situations generally. All of this suggests that the division between 'indigenized English' and 'creoles' is essentially an artificial one, since we find diversity within each group and significant overlap between the two.

 Winford にとっては,indigenised Englishes と English creoles の違いは程度の問題であり,引用の最後にある通り,人工的な区分にすぎないようだ.Winford はこの1節の後,Schneider の "Dynamic Model" を参照して議論を続けていく.このモデルについては「#4497. ポストコロニアル英語変種に関する Schneider の Dynamic Model」 ([2021-08-19-1]) を参照.

 ・ Winford, Donald. "World Englishes and Creoles." Chapter 10 of The Oxford Handbook of World Englishes. Ed. by Markku Filppula, Juhani Klemola, and Devyani Sharma. New York: OUP, 2017. 194--210.
 ・ Thomason, Sarah Grey and Terrence Kaufman. Language Contact, Creolization, and Genetic Linguistics. Berkeley: U of California P, 1988.

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