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 昨日の記事 ([2019-10-18-1]) に引き続き,lexical set という用語について.Swann et al. の用語辞典によると,次の通り.

lexical set A means of enabling comparisons of the vowels of different dialects without having to use any particular dialect as a norm. A lexical set is a group of words whose vowels are uniformly pronounced within a given dialect. Thus bath, brass, ask, dance, sample, calf form a lexical set whose vowel is uniformly [ɑː] in the south of England and uniformly [æː] in most US dialects of English. The phonetician J. C. Wells specified standard lexical sets, each having a keyword intended to be unmistakable, irrespective of the dialect in which it occurs (see Wells, 1982). The above set is thus referred to as 'the BATH vowel'. Wells specified twenty-four such keywords, since modified slightly by Foulkes and Docherty (1999) on the basis of their study of urban British dialects.

 第1文にあるように,lexical set という概念の強みは,ある方言を恣意的に取り上げて「基準方言」として据える必要がない点にある.問題の単語群をあくまで相対的にとらえ,客観的に方言間の比較を可能ならしめている点ですぐれた概念である.この用語のおかげで,「'BATH' を典型とする,あの母音を含む単語群」を容易に語れるようになった.

 ・ Swann, Joan, Ana Deumert, Theresa Lillis, and Rajend Mesthrie, eds. A Dictionary of Sociolinguistics. Tuscaloosa: U of Alabama P, 2004.

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