#3499. "Standard English" と "General English"[standardisation][koine][sociolinguistics][terminology][writing][speech]


 昨日の記事「#3498. hybrid Englishes」 ([2018-11-24-1]) で触れたが,"Standard English" と "General English" という2つの用語を区別すると便利なケースがあるように思われる.両者は必ずしも明確に区別できるわけではないが,概念としては対立するものと理解しておきたい.Gramley (129) は,初期近代英語期のロンドンで展開した英語の標準化 (standardisation) や共通化 (koinéisation) の動きと関連して,この2つの用語に言及している.

Although the written standard differed from the spoken language of the capital, the two together provided two national models, a highly prescriptive one, Standard English (StE), for writing and a colloquial one, which may be called General English (GenE) (cf. Wells 1982: 2ff), which is considerably less rigid. The latter was not the overt, publicly recognized standard, but the covert norm of group solidarity. It was GenE which would evolve into a supra-regional, nationwide covert standard. Both it and StE would eventually also be valid for Scotland, then Ireland, and then the English-using world beyond the British Isles.


 Standard EnglishGeneral English
Prescriptionmore rigidless rigid
Related processstandardisationkoinéisation

 標準化に関連する各種の用語については,「#3207. 標準英語と言語の標準化に関するいくつかの術語」 ([2018-02-06-1]) を参照.

 ・ Gramley, Stephan. The History of English: An Introduction. Abingdon: Routledge, 2012.
 ・ Wells, J. C. Accents of English. Vol. 1. An Introduction. Cambridge: CUP, 1982.

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