#3020. 帝国主義の申し子としての比較言語学 (1)[history_of_linguistics][comparative_linguistics][lexicography][oed][edd]


 19世紀後半から20世紀前半にかけて,著しく発展した比較言語学や文献学の成果を取り込みつつ OEDEDD の編纂作業が進んでいた.言語学史としてみると実に華々しい時代といえるが,強烈な帝国主義と国家主義のイデオロギーがそれを支えていたという側面を忘れてはならない.Romain (48) は,次のように述べている.

   The energetic activities of intellectuals such as James Murray, Joseph Wright, author of the English Dialect Dictionary, and others were central to the shaping of European nationalism in the nineteenth century, a time when, as Pedersen (1931--43) puts it, 'national wakening and the beginnings of linguistic science go hand in hand'. Historians such as Seton-Watson (1977) and Anderson (1991) have observed how nineteenth-century Europe was a golden age of vernacularising lexicographers, grammarians, philologists and dialectologists. Their projects too were conceived as children of empires.
   Willinsky (1994) singles out the OED, in particular, as the 'last great gasp of British imperialism'. It captured a history of words that fit well with the ideological needs of the emerging nation-state. As Willinsky observes (1994: 194), the OED speaks to a 'particular history of national self-definition during a remarkable period in the expansion and collapse of the British empire'. Murray's tenure as editor of the OED coincided roughly with the period which historian Eric Hobsbawm (1987) has called the Age of Empire, 1875--1914. With the OED, Murray and other editors were engaged in establishing England and Oxford University Press's claim on the English language and the word trade more generally.

 「#644. OED とヨーロッパのライバル辞書」 ([2011-01-31-1]) の冒頭で「19世紀半ば,ヨーロッパ各国では,比較言語学発展の波に乗って,歴史的原則に基づく大型辞書の編纂が企画されていた」と述べたが,「比較言語学発展の波」そのものがヨーロッパの帝国主義の潮流に支えられていたといってよい.帝国主義と比較言語学は蜜月の関係にあったのである.
 普段,言語研究に OED を用いるとき,その初版が編纂された時代背景に思いを馳せるということはあまりないかもしれないが,この事実は知っておくべきだろう.
 OED についてのよもやま話は,「#2451. ワークショップ:OED Online に触れてみる」 ([2016-01-12-1]) に張ったリンクをどうぞ.EDD については,「#869. Wright's English Dialect Dictionary」 ([2011-09-13-1]),「#868. EDD Online」 ([2011-09-12-1]),「#2694. EDD Online (2)」 ([2016-09-11-1]) を参照.

 ・ Romaine, Suzanne. "Introduction." The Cambridge History of the English Language. Vol. 4. Cambridge: CUP, 1998. 1--56.

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