#2906. 古英語聖書より「種をまく人の寓話」[oe][popular_passage][bible][literature][oe_text][hel_education]


 「#2895. 古英語聖書より「岩の上に家を建てる」」 ([2017-03-31-1]) に引き続き,新約聖書を古英語訳で読んでみよう.今回は,同じくよく知られた Matthew 13: 3--8 の「種をまく人の寓話」を紹介する.市川・松浪 (84--86) より,現代英語訳も付して示す.

Sōþlīċe ūt ēode se sāwere his sǣd tō sāwenne. And þā þā hē sēow, sumu hīe fēollon wiþ weȝ, and fuglas cōmon and ǣton þā. Sōþlīċe sumu fēollon on stǣnihte, þǣr hit næfde miċle eorþan, and hrædlīċe ūp sprungon, for þǣm þe hīe næfdon þāre eorþen dēopan; sōþlīċe, ūp sprungenre sunnan, hīe ādrūgodon and forscruncon, for þǣm þe hīe næfdon wyrtruman. Sōþlīċe sumu fēollon on þornas, and þā þornas wēoxon, and forþrysmdon þā. Sumu sōþlīċe fēollon on gōde eorþan, and sealdon wæstm, sum hundfealdne, sum siextiȝfealdne, sum þrītiȝfealdne.

Truly the sower went out to sow his seeds. And while he was sowing, some of them fell along the way, and birds came and ate them. Truly some fell on stony ground where it had not much earth, and quickly sprang up, because they had not any deep earth; truly, the sun (being) risen up, they dried up and shrank up, because they had not roots. Truly some fell on thorns, and the thorns grew, and choked them. Some truly fell on good ground, and gave fruit, some hundredfold, some sixtyfold, (and) some thirtyfold.

・ 市河 三喜,松浪 有 『古英語・中英語初歩』 研究社,1986年.

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