#5371. 言語学史のハンドブックの目次[toc][history_of_linguistics]


Hough, Carole, ed. ''The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming''. Oxford: OUP, 2016.

 900ページ超の鈍器本だが,ずっと通読したいと思っているハンドブックがある.Allan Keith 編の The Oxford Handbook of the History of Linguistics である.つまみ食いはしてきたのだが,やはり本腰を入れて熟読したい.そのモチベーションを高めるために,目次を一覧しておく.

 Front Matter
 1. The Origins and the Evolution of Language
 2. The History of Writing as a History of Linguistics
 3. History of the Study of Gesture
 4. The History of Sign Language Linguistics
 5. Orthography and the Early History of Phonetics
 6. From IPA to Praat and Beyond
 7. Nineteenth-Century Study of Sound Change from Rask to Saussure
 8. Discoverers of the Phoneme
 9. A History of Sound Symbolism
 10. East Asian Linguistics
 11. Linguistics in India
 12. From Semitic to Afro-Asiatic
 13. From Plato to Priscian: Philosophy's Legacy to Grammar
 14. Pedagogical Grammars Before the Eighteenth Century
 15. Vernaculars and the Idea of a Standard Language
 16. Word-Based Morphology from Aristotle to Modern WP (Word and Paradigm Models)
 17. General or Universal Grammar from Plato to Chomsky
 18. American Descriptivism ('Structuralism')
 19. Noam Chomsky's Contribution to Linguistics: A Sketch
 20. European Linguistics since Saussure
 21. Functional and Cognitive Grammars
 22. Lexicography from Earliest Times to the Present
 23. The Logico-philosophical Tradition
 24. Lexical Semantics from Speculative Etymology to Structuralist Semantics
 25. Post-structuralist and Cognitive Approaches to Meaning
 26. A Brief Sketch of the Historic Development of Pragmatics
 27. Meaning in Texts and Contexts
 28. Comparative, Historical, and Typological Linguistics since the Eighteenth Century
 29. Language, Culture, and Society
 30. Language, the Mind, and the Brain
 31. Translation: the Intertranslatability of Languages; Translation and Language Teaching
 32. Computational Linguistics
 33. The History of Corpus Linguistics
 34. Philosophy of Linguistics
 End Matter

 言語学史 (history_of_linguistics) に関する話題は,本ブログでも多く取り上げてきたが,とりわけ「#1288. 言語学史という分野が1960年代に勃興した理由」 ([2012-11-05-1]) の記事をお薦めしておきたい.

 ・ Keith, Allan, ed. The Oxford Handbook of the History of Linguistics. Oxford: OUP, 2013.

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