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 私たちが普段学び,用いている標準英語 (Standard English) が,歴史上いかに発展してきたかという話題は,英語史の最重要テーマの1つであり,本ブログでも standardisation の記事を中心に様々に取り上げてきた(とりわけ「#3231. 標準語に軸足をおいた Blake の英語史時代区分」 ([2018-03-02-1]),「#3234. 「言語と人間」研究会 (HLC) の春期セミナーで標準英語の発達について話しました」 ([2018-03-05-1]) を参照).
 英語の標準化の歴史は,どの英語史の概説書でも必ず取り上げられる話題だが,人類言語学の概説書を著わした Foley の書いている "The Development of Standard English" という1節が,すこぶるよい文章である.要点を押さえながら,教科書的な標準英語の発展を非常に上手にまとめている.3ページ弱にわたるので,引用するのにも決して短くはないが,授業の講読の題材としても使えそうなので,PDFでこちらに用意しておく.

To summarize, the rise of Standard English . . . exhibits a number of important general points about the how and whys of language standardization: first, if economic and political power is centralized in a particular area, the language of that area has a strong likelihood of being the basis of the standard, as the center imposes its hold upon the periphery (Standard French based on the Parisian dialect is another example of this); second, the standard is likely to be based on the speech of economically and politically powerful social groups, the elite, as their speech becomes imposed upon or diffused to lower status groups; ability to speak this dialect now becomes emblematic of higher social standing and thus a desirable skill, a kind of symbolic resource further empowering the elite, who may control access to the dialect through the education system, as is clearly the case in most modern nation-states; and third, a language or dialect which is the basis of literate forms and other cultural activities is a strong candidate for an imposed standard (Standard Italian based on the Tuscany dialect of Dante exemplifies this). (Foley 403)

 ・ Foley, William A. Anthropological Linguistics: An Introduction. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 1997.

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