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 最近の「#2562. Mugglestone (編)の英語史年表」 ([2016-05-02-1]) に引き続き,英語史年表シリーズ.Momma and Matto の英語史コンパニオンの pp. xxix--xxxiii に掲げられている年表を再現する.後期近代英語期について,言語教育,言語権 (linguistic_right),言語計画 (linguistic_planning) などの応用社会言語学的な項目が多く立てられている点に,この年表の特徴がある.

1000 BCEIndo-European languages spread throughout Europe and southern Asia, some already attested in writing for hundreds of years.
ca. 1000--1 BCEGradual sound shifts (Grimm's Law) take place in Germanic languages.
55--54 BCEJulius Caesar invades Britain.
43 CERomans under Claudius conquer Britain; the "Roman Britain" period begins.
ca. 50--100Scandinavian Runic inscriptions are produced, which remain the oldest attestations of a Germanic language.
ca. 98Roman historian Cornelius Tacitus writes ''Germania''.
ca. 350Bishop Wulfila translates the Bible into Gothic, an East Germanic language.
410roman troops withdraw from Britain as Visigoths sack Rome; the "Roman Britain" period ends.
449According to tradition,Anglo-Saxons (Angles, Saxons, Jutes) begin invasion and settlement of Britain, bringing their West Germanic dialects to the islands.
597Pope Gregory sends Augustine to Kent where he converts King Æthelberht and 10,000 other Anglo-Saxons to Christianity.
793--ca. 900Vikings (Danes, Norwegians, Swedes) raid England periodically and establish settlements.
878King Alfred's victory over Guthrum's Danish army at Edington paves the way for the creation of the Kingdom of the Anglo-Saxons.
886King Alfred and Guthrum sign a treaty establishing the "Dane law" north and east of London, heavily settled by the Norse-speaking vikings.
890sKing Alfred translates Pope Gregory's ''Regula pastoralis'' into English.
ca. 900Bede's ''Ecclesiastical History'' is translated from Latin into Old English.
ca. 975--1025The four great manuscripts containing Old English poetry (Exeter Book, Junius Manuscript, Vercelli Book, and ''Beowulf'' Manuscript) are compiled, though many of the texts they contain were likely composed over the previous 300 years.
993--5Aelfric composes his Latin-Old English ''Glossary''.
1066William the Conqueror leads the Norman conquest of England, solidifying French as the language of the nobility.
1171Henry II leads the Cambro-Norman invasion of Ireland, bringing French and English speakers to the island.
1204King John of England loses Normandy to France.
ca. 1245Walter of Bibbesworth compiles his ''Tretiz de Langage'' to improve the French of English-speaking Landowners.
1282Wales is conquered by King Edward I of England.
1348--50The Black Plague kills about one-third of the English population.
1362Statute of Pleading requires English be spoken in law courts.
1366Statutes of Kilkenny outlaw (among other Irish customs) speaking Irish by Englishmen in Ireland.
1370--1400Chaucer writes his major works.
1380sJohn Wycliffe and his followers illegally translate the Latin Vulgate Bible into English.
1380--1450Chancery standard written English is developed.
ca. 1450Johannes Gutenberg establishes the printing press in Germany.
1476William Caxton sets up the first printing press in England.
1492Christopher Columbus explores the Caribbean and Central America.
1497Italian navigator John Cabot explores Newfoundland.
1500--1650Great Vowel Shift takes place.
1525William Tyndale prints an English translation of the New Testament.
1534The first complete English translation of the Bible from the original Greek and Hebrew is produced.
1536 and 1543Acts of Union (Laws in Wales Acts) annex Wales to England.
1542Crown of Ireland Act makes the English king also the Irish king.
1558--1603Queen Elizabeth I reigns.
ca. 1575--1600English becomes an important trade language in West Africa.
1580s--1612Shakespeare composes his plays.
1583--1607British attempt unsuccessfully to establish colonies in America.
1588The Bible is translated into Welsh.
1589George Puttenham publishes his ''Art of English Poesy''.
1600British East India Company receives its charter, facilitating economic expansion into India.
1600sAtlantic slave trade begins, bringing Africans to America.
1603Union of the Crowns: James VI of Scotland becomes James I of England and Scotland, accelerating the Anglicization of Scots-English.
1604Robert Cawdrey compiles ''A Table Alphabeticall'', the first monolingual English dictionary.
1607The Virginia Company of London successfully establishes a colony in America at Jamestown, Virginia.
1610British establish fishing outposts in Newfoundland.
1611The King James Bible is published.
1620Pilgrims establish a colony at Plymouth Rock.
1623--ca. 1660British establish colonies throughout Caribbean.
1642--51English Civil Wars are ongoing.
1660The Restoration: Charles II returns to the throne.
1663The Royal Society is founded.
1689British establish the three administrative districts of Bengal, Bombay (now Mumbai), Madras (now Chennai) on the Indian subcontinent.
1694French publish a national dictionary.
1695The Licensing Act expires, giving anyone the freedom to publish without government permission.
1707Acts of Union unite governments of England and Scotland, creating the Kingdom of Great Britain.
1712Jonathan Swift writes his "Proposal for Correcting, Improving and Ascertaining the English Tongue.".
1755Samuel Johnson's ''Dictionary of the English Language'' is published.
 French-speaking Acadians are expelled from Canada by British, settle in Louisiana and are called Cajuns.
1773British establish a Governor Generalship in India.
1776Thomas Jefferson drafts American Declaration of Independence.
1780sBritish begin to settle in Australia.
1783Treaty of Paris recognizes an independent United States of America; Noah Webster's "blue-back" spelling book is published.
1786William Jones suggests a common root for Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin, promoting comparative linguistics and Indo-European studies.
1787English speakers of African origin are repatriated to Africa in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
1789--99The French Revolution takes place.
1795Lindley Murray's ''English Grammar'' is published.
1800Act of Union unites governments of Ireland and Great Britain, creating the Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and requiring that Irish politicians speak English in British government.
1803The Louisiana Purchase allows US to expand westward.
1811--18Jane Austen's novels and published.
1819The British government passes the Six Acts, aimed to suppress the publication of radical newspapers.
1820Freed English-speaking slaves repatriated from America to the newly created West African nation of Liberia.
1828Noah Webster's ''Dictionary of American English'' is published.
1831A system of Primary School Education is introduced in Ireland, with English as the medium of instruction.
1835Lord Macaulay's Minute initiates the introduction of English language education into South Asia.
1836The phrase "standard English" first appears in a philological sketch on the history of the language in the ''Quarterly Review''.
1837--1901Queen Victoria reigns.
1840sBritish begin to settle in New Zealand.
1845--9Many monoglot Irish speakers die as a result of the Great Famine in Ireland.
1852''Roget's Thesaurus'' is first published.
1858Act for the Better Government of India results in the British governing India directly.
1859''Proposal for the Publication of a New English Dictionary'' initiates work on what will be the ''Oxford English Dictionary''.
1873Harvard University introduces the first American college program in English composition for native speakers.
1898Americans take over control of the Philippines from Spain, beginning America's colonial period.
1914--39James Joyce's major works are published.
1922Ratification of the Anglo-Irish Treaty recognizes an independent Irish Free State, which will become the Republic of Ireland.
1925The Phelps-Stokes Commission recommends teaching both English and native languages in Africa.
1926--62William Faulkner's major works are published.
1928''Oxford English Dictionary'' is completed.
1946The Philippines achieve independence from the United States.
1947India achieves independence from Britain; Pakistan splits from India.
1953English made a compulsory subject in national examinations in elementary schools throughout Anglophone Africa.
1957--68Most of Britain's African colonies achieve independence.
1967The Official languages Act makes English and Hindi India's two official languages.
 Tanzania launches a "Swahilization" program.
1970-Toni Morrison's major works are published.
1875--Salman Rushdie's major works are published.
1979Lawsuit (''Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School Children vs. Ann Arbor School District Board'') sets precedent for requiring teachers to study AAVE.
 Urdu replaces English as the language of instruction in schools in Pakistan.
1991Helsinki corpus of English words from the Old English period through 1720 is completed.
1993Welsh Language Act makes Welsh an official language in Wales alongside English.
1996--7The "Ebonics" debates begin in Oakland, California.
1998The Good Friday Agreement grants "parity of esteem" to the Irish language and to Ulster Scots (Ullans) in Northern Ireland.

 ・ Momma, Haruko and Michael Matto, eds. A Companion to the History of the English Language. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2008.

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