#5339. 英語人名学の守備範囲とトレンド[name_project][onomastics]


 「名前プロジェクト」 (name_project) の一環として,英語の名前と名付けに関する記事を執筆する機会が増えてきた(cf. 「#5217. 「名前プロジェクト」が立ち上がりました」 ([2023-08-09-1])).今回は英語人名学 (English onomastics) の守備範囲とトレンドを確認すべく,Coates の解説より "The discipline of English onomastics" (317) と題する1節を引用したい.

Current onomastic work in the United Kingdom seeks to explain the linguistic origin of personal and place-names or to assess the historical significance of their distribution, and in the latter case as applied to personal names it is a tool of genealogy, and genealogical methods help refine historical-linguistic analysis. There have been small amounts of recent work on the social psychology of personal naming and nicknaming. There is sporadic work on literary onomastics (dealing with proper names for characters and locations in fictional works), but more in North America. In English-speaking countries beyond the British Isles, and indeed also in Ireland, Wales and Scotland, there is considerable interest in the heritage of names derived from languages that have been partly or totally displaced (for instance in North America and Australia), and in the cultural contexts in which naming has taken place, information about which tends to be of greater interest than in England, where the contexts of naming that generate most interest are medieval. In the words of William Bright: 'American onomatologists ... have given greater emphasis to "the motivation of the namer" --- to the "human activity" of naming.

 イギリスと北米とで英語人名学のトレンドが異なっている点が,各々の地域の歴史や関心の在処を反映しており興味深い.そもそも名前学 (onomastics) の守備範囲が著しく広いことは,「#5187. 固有名詞学のハンドブック」 ([2023-07-10-1]) でも示したとおりである.英語名前学の射程も,上記の引用が示唆する以上に広いことは銘記しておいてよい.
 このたび引用した Coates の論文には,過去にも hellog で何度か言及している.以下の記事を参照.

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 ・ Coates, Richard. "Names." Chapter 6 of A History of the English Language. Ed. Richard Hogg and David Denison. Cambridge: CUP, 2006. 312--51.

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