#3986. 古英語と古ノルド語の接触の状況は多様で複雑だった[old_norse][contact][sociolinguistics]



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 一方,言語接触に関する Thomason and Kaufman の著書が出版されて以来,一般的に言語接触には "contact-induced changes" (or "borrowing") と "shift-induced interference" の2種類のタイプがあるとされており,古英語と古ノルド語の接触についてもその観点から再検討がなされてきた(2種類への分類については「#1780. 言語接触と借用の尺度」 ([2014-03-12-1]),「#1781. 言語接触の類型論」 ([2014-03-13-1]),「#1985. 借用と接触による干渉の狭間」 ([2014-10-03-1]),「#3968. 言語接触の2タイプ,imitation と adaptation」 ([2020-03-08-1]) を参照).
 このように様々なモデル化の方法があるなかで,どれがいったい当該の言語接触の現実を映し出しているのか.この問題に対して Dance (1727) の指摘に耳を傾けたい.

It is worth stressing that when scholars refer to "the Anglo-Norse contact situation", this must be understood as shorthand for a long period of contacts in diverse local settings. It would have encompassed the widest possible variety of interactions, from the most superficial (trade, negotiation) to the most intimate (mixed communities, intermarriage), and every shade of relative political/cultural "dominance" by one group of speakers or the other. Accordingly, one should be wary of assuming that all the (putative) effects of this contact arose from a single type of encounter (or a series of encounters on a simple chronological cline of intensity), even if historical distance has effectively turned them into one cluster of phenomena.


 ・ Thomason, Sarah Grey and Terrence Kaufman. Language Contact, Creolization, and Genetic Linguistics. Berkeley: U of California P, 1988.
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