#3057. "The Pardoner's Tale" にみる黒死病[chaucer][black_death][literature][popular_passage]


 中英語文学における黒死病の表象は様々あるが,Chaucer の The Canterbury Tales の "Pardoner's Tale" より,pestilenceDeeth と同一視されながら言及されている箇所を引こう.黒死病以後の強烈な memento mori の強迫観念,あるいは黒死病が死(神)のイメージと重ね合わされていることが,よく感じられるくだりである.Riverside Chaucer より関連箇所 (ll. 661--91) を引く.

   Thise riotoures three of whiche I tell,
Longe erst er prime rong of any belle,
Were set hem in a taverne to drynke,
And as they sat, they herde a bell clynke
Biforn a cors, was caried to his grave.
That oon of hem gan callen to his knave:
"Go bet," quod he, "and axe redily
What cors is this that passeth heer forby;
And looke that thou reporte his name weel."
   "Sir," quod this boy, "it nedeth never-a-deel;
It was me toold er ye cam heer two houres.
He was, pardee, an old felawe of youres,
And sodeynly he was yslayn to-nyght,
Fordronke, as he sat on his bench upright.
There cam a privee theef men clepeth Deeth,
That in this contree al the peple sleeth,
And with his spere he smoot his herte atwo,
And wente his wey withouten wordes mo.
He hath a thousand slayn this pestilence.
And, maister, er ye come in his presence,
Me thynketh that it were necessarie
For to be war of swich an adversarie.
Beth redy for to meete hym everemoore;
Thus taughte me my dame; I sey namoore."
"By Seinte Marie!" seyde this taverner,
"The child seith sooth, for he hath slayn this yeer,
Henne over a mile, withinne a greet village,
Bothe mam and womman, child, and hyne, and page;
I trowe his habitacioun be there.
To been avysed greet wysdom it were,
Er that he dide a man a dishonour."


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