#1665. 話しことばと書きことば (4)[writing][medium][linguistics]


 昨日の記事「#1664. CMC (computer-mediated communication)」 ([2013-11-16-1]) で,ヒトの言語の媒体の問題について改めて考える機会をもった.言語の媒体のなかでも,とりわけ話しことば (speech) と書きことば (writing) の比較については,「#748. 話し言葉書き言葉」 ([2011-05-15-1]),「#849. 話し言葉書き言葉 (2)」 ([2011-08-24-1]) ,「#1001. 話しことばと書きことば (3)」 ([2012-01-23-1]),「#230. 話しことばと書きことばの対立は絶対的か?」 ([2009-12-13-1]) などで話題にしてきたが,今回はこの話題についてさらに議論を続けたい.
 近代言語学は,文字言語よりも音声言語を優先的な研究対象としてきた.その理由は「#748. 話し言葉書き言葉」 ([2011-05-15-1]) で挙げた通りだが,原則として音声言語は文字言語に時間的に先立つからである.文字言語は音声言語からの派生物であり,2次的な媒体,すなわち従属物であるという立場だ.ここでは,通時的な過程を表わす「派生」と共時的な関係を表わす「従属」とが結びつけられている.
 上記の議論をまとめると,(1) 通時的には書きことばは話し言葉から「派生」した,(2) 共時的には,言語社会における両媒体の分布上,書きことばは話しことばに「従属」しているといえる,(3) しかし,同じく共時的な観点ではあるが,両媒体をもつ言語社会に限定すれば,書きことばと話しことばは「対等」である.
 同趣旨の Crystal (148) の議論に耳を傾けよう.

Many linguists came to think of written language as a tool of secondary importance --- an optional, special skill, used only for sophisticated purposes (as in scientific and literary expression) by a minority of communities. It was needed in order to have access to the early history of language . . ., but this was felt to be a woefully inadequate substitute for the study of the 'real' thing, speech. Writing, seen as a mere 'reflection' of spoken language, thus came to be excluded from the primary subject matter of linguistic science. The pendulum swung to the opposite extreme in the new generation of grammars, many of which presented an account of speech alone.
   Writing and speech should never have been allowed to confront each other in this way. There is no sense in the view that one medium of communication is intrinsically 'better' than the other. Whatever their historical relationship, the fact remains that modern society makes available to its members two very different systems of communication, each of which has developed to fulfil a particular set of communicative needs, and now offers capabilities of expression denied to the other. Writing cannot substitute for speech, nor speech for writing, without serious disservice being done to each.

 ・ Crystal, David. How Language Works. London: Penguin, 2005.

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