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2021-09-20 Mon

#4529. 英語とメキシコの接点 [mexico][contact][ame][spanish][world_englishes][map]

 私も基本的に上記の理解に甘んじてはいるのだが,英語の文脈でメキシコも忘れてもらっては困る,という珍しい論考に出会ったので紹介しておきたい.Hall-Lew (377--78) から引用する.

English use in Mexico is important to a discussion of English in North America not only for descriptive comprehensiveness but also because of its influence on U.S. Englishes. English is the primary language of at least one community in Mexico, the Mormon colonies in Casas Grandes Valley, Chihuahua . . . . English is also widely spoken in the communities on the U.S. border and in towns frequented by U.S.-based tourists. English is the most widely taught non-Spanish language in Mexico, having "an important role to play in formal education, equipping persons to participate in various occupational and professional activities such as tourism, industry, government, media, science, and technology, among others" . . . . Given that much of the U.S. was previously property of Mexico, the features of Mexican English are both historically relevant and increasingly representative of growing communities of Mexican Americans across the United States.

 上記の通り,メキシコにも実は英語コミュニティがある.しかし,それは少数派で肩身狭く暮らす英語コミュニティである.まさか「世界の英語」が肩身狭く用いられているコミュニティがあるとは驚きかもしれないが,メキシコ以外にもカリブ地域にはそのような社会がちょこちょこ存在するのである.これについては「#1731. English as a Basal Language」 ([2014-01-22-1]) を参照.
 世界英語 (world_englishes) の観点から,大国メキシコを改めて位置づけてみるのもよいだろう(以下は (C)ROOTS/Heibonsha.C.P.C によるメキシコの地図).

Map of Mexico

 ・ Hall-Lew, Lauren. "English in North America." Chapter 18 of The Oxford Handbook of World Englishes. Ed. by Markku Filppula, Juhani Klemola, and Devyani Sharma. New York: OUP, 2017. 371--88.

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