#5534. Henry V の玉璽書簡テンプレート[signet][standardisation][monarch][lancastrian][chancery_standard]


 Fisher et al. (6--7) に,1419年のとある日に発行された Henry V の玉璽書簡が,書簡のテンプレートの説明のために掲げられている (Letter no. 60) .Robert Shiryngton という役人の署名が入っている書簡だ.こちらを再現してみよう.

  1. Author By þe king
  2. Salutation Worshipful fader yn god oure right trusty and welbeloued
  3. Greeting We grete yow wel /
  4. Exposition And for asmuche as we haue ordeined oure trusty and welbeloued knyght Iohn of Radclif. to be oure Conestable of Bourdeux And also to be Captaine of our Castel of fronsac for þe grete trust þat we haue to his trewthe and discrecion.
  5. Disposition we wol and charge yow þat by þauis of our broþer of Bedford and oþer of oure conseil þere in Englande. ye trete and accorde wiþ þe said Ihon for his abidyng þere. And so þat he may do vs good seruice. as hit semeþ best to youre discrecions for oure auantage and proffit of þe cuntree And þat ye spede him in al þe haste þat ye may. And se þat he tarye not þere: as oure trust is to yow
  6. Valediction And god haue yow in his keping
  7. Attestation Yeuen vnder oure signet in oure Castel of Rouen þe [xvi day of May]
  8. Signature of the clerk Shiryngton

 まず書簡の送り主が王であることが示される (1) .次に神に言及しつつ挨拶がなされる (2, 3) .続いて主題の背景が述べられ (4) ,その上で依頼内容が明らかにされる (5) .最後に,末筆の挨拶 (6) ,文書証明の辞 (7) ,そして役人のサインと続く.

 ・ Fisher, John H., Malcolm Richardson, and Jane L. Fisher, comps. An Anthology of Chancery English. Knoxville: U of Tennessee P, 1984. 392.

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