#2353. なぜアングロサクソン人はイングランドをかくも素早く征服し得たのか[history][anglo-saxon][celtic]


 そのような修正的な見方が出てきているとはいえ,アングロサクソン人によるイングランド征服が著しく素早く,かつ効率的になされたことは事実のようだ.標題は歴史学の問題ではあるが,当然ながら英語史においても重要な問題である.Denison and Hogg (10) は,上記の教科書的な記述を一通り説明した後で,次のように述べている.

But that is not quite enough to explain the rapidity of the Germanic settlement, which was far more a conquest of Britain, linguistically speaking, than the Norman Conquest 500 years later would be. What its speed suggests is that there must have been considerable population pressure in northwestern Europe at the time, perhaps partly because in the fifth century the average temperature was lower than it had been earlier and would again be later. Whatever the case may have been, this conquest saw an overwhelmingly rapid replacement or absorption of the existing Celtic linguistic community by the newly arrived Germanic speakers. There is now some genetic evidence for mass immigration to central English . . . , consistent with displacement of the male Celtic population by Anglo-Saxons but saying nothing about females. Before long Celtic speakers had been confined to the lands west of Offa's Dyke, to Cornwall, the northwest, and north of the Borders of Scotland. The gradual elimination of Celtic has continued remorselessly, albeit slowly, ever since. It may only have been with the coming of Christianity and the establishment of churches and abbeys that Anglo-Saxon England started to achieve the beginning of the types of political and social structure which we associate with later centuries.


 ・ Denison, David and Richard Hogg. "Overview." Chapter 1 of A History of the English Language. Ed. Richard Hogg and David Denison. Cambridge: CUP, 2006. 1--42.

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