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 昨日の記事「#1252. Bailey and Maroldt による「フランス語の影響があり得る言語項目」」 ([2012-09-30-1]) に関連して,今回は,古ノルド語からの言語的影響があるかもしれないと指摘されてきた項目を列挙したい.Hotta (155--56) で,様々な文献からの言及を一覧にしたものがあるので,それを再掲する.語彙や音韻に関しては,Baugh and Cable をはじめとする概説書で,古ノルド語の影響は広く解説されているので,ここではまとまって記述されることの少ない,形態論と統語論への影響の可能性が指摘されている項目に限定したい.

1. functional words such as they, till, fro, though, both, are, and same
2. the third person singular present ending in -s of the verb in the North
3. the present participle ending -and of the verb in the North
4. the ending -t as in scant, want and athwart, which are attributed to the Old Norse neuter ending of the adjective
5. the genitive ending -er, as in on nighter tale and bi nighter tale
6. the reflexive ending -sk, as in busk and bask
7. are in the North in contrast with be in the South
8. the loss of the prefix ge- for the past participle of the verb
9. the preterit plural and the preterit subjunctive forms of certain verbs belonging to the strong classes IV and V

1. the tendency to omit the relative pronoun þat in Middle English in contrast with the Old English tendency to retain it
2. the Modern English differentiated usage of the auxiliaries will and shall, which is comparable to the Scandinavian usage
3. the Modern English usage of sentence-final prepositions, as in "He has someone to rely on," which is comparable to the Scandinavian usage
4. the position of an auxiliary in the subjunctive pluperfect construction, and its pattern of omission
5. the Middle English tendency to put a genitive noun before the noun it modified

 これらの項目には,古ノルド語の影響の結果として定説となっているものもあれば,疑わしいものもある.あくまで古ノルド語の影響が「あり得る」と指摘されているものを集めただけなので,要注意ではある.なお,Hotta の原文では,上記のほとんどの項目に,出典を明記した注を付してある.

 ・ Hotta, Ryuichi. The Development of the Nominal Plural Forms in Early Middle English. Hituzi Linguistics in English 10. Tokyo: Hituzi Syobo, 2009.
 ・ Baugh, Albert C. and Thomas Cable. A History of the English Language. 5th ed. London: Routledge, 2002.

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