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  1. System concentration shift as a regulator of transcription-translation system within liposomes
    #T Akui, #K Fujiwara*, G Sato, M Takinoue, SM Nomura, N. Doi.
    (#: contributed equally to this work)
    iScience, 24(8), 102859,

  2. Switching ON of transcription-translation system using GUV fusion by co-supplementation of calcium with long-chain polyethylene glycol
    Y Uwaguchi, K Fujiwara*, N Doi.
    ChemBioChem, 22, 2319-2324,

  3. A relationship between NTP and cell extract concentration for cell-free protein expression
    K Takahashi, G Sato, N Doi, K Fujiwara*
    Life, 11(3), 237,
  4. 和文

  5. 大学の枠を越えたオンライン生体分子デザイン コン ペティションの 取り組み
    村田智、葛谷明紀、藤原 慶、平 順一、川又生吹、佐藤佑介、瀧ノ上正浩、野村 M. 慎一郎、角五 彰、堀 豊、安部桂太
    工学教育, in press
  6. 翻訳

  7. Synthetic Biology 合成生物学 (ニュートンプレス)
    原著:Synthetic Biology: A Very Short Introduction (Jamie A. Davies)
    監訳: 藤原 慶、訳:徳永 美恵
  8. 著書

  9. これだけ! 生化学 第2版 (秀和システム)
    著:生化学若い研究者の会 (執筆、編集を分担)、監修:稲垣賢二

  10. 2020

    1. Conformational equilibrium of MinE regulates allowable concentration ranges of a protein wave for cell division
      S Kohyama, K Fujiwara*, N Yoshinaga, N Doi
      Nanoscale, 12, 11960 - 11970, doi: 10.1039/D0NR00242A

    2. Self-Organization Assay for Min Proteins of Escherichia coli in Micro-droplets Covered with Lipids
      S Kohyama, K Fujiwara*, N Yoshinaga, N Doi
      bio-protocol, 10(6): e3561, doi: 10.21769/BioProtoc.3561

    3. Microfluidic screening system based on boron-doped diamond electrodes and dielectrophoretic sorting for directed evolution of NAD(P)-dependent oxidoreductases.
      H Goto, Y Kanai, A Yotusui, S Shimokihara, S Shitara, R Oyobiki, K Fujiwara, T Watanabe, Y Einaga, Y Matsumoto, N Miki, N Doi*
      Lab on a chip, 20(4):852-861, doi: 10.1039/C9LC01263J

    4. 2019

      1. Regulation of spatiotemporal patterning in artificial cells by a defined protein expression system
        #A Yoshida, #S Kohyama, #K Fujiwara*, S Nishikawa, N Doi
        (#: contributed equally to this work)
        Chemical Science, 10, pp. 11064-11072 (2019), doi: 10.1039/C9SC02441G

      2. Cell-sized confinement controls generation and stability of a protein wave for spatiotemporal regulation in cells
        S Kohyama, N Yoshinaga*, M Yanagisawa, K Fujiwara*, N Doi
        eLife, doi: 10.7554/eLife.44591
      3. 展望記事

      4. 酵素を内包した人工細胞が拓く新しい醸造業や医薬品の開発
        藤原 慶, MDB 技術予測レポート, 項目36, (2019)

      5. 2018

        1. A dual system using compartmentalized partnered replication for selection of arsenic-responsive transcriptional regulator
          SL Aye, K Fujiwara, N Doi*
          J. Biochem., 164(5), pp. 341-348,

        2. Engineering of DNA polymerase I from Thermus thermophilus using compartmentalized self-replication
          SL Aye, K Fujiwara, A Ueki, N Doi*
          Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm., 499(2), pp. 170-176

        3. Increasing elasticity through changes in the secondary structure of gelatin by gelation in a microsized lipid space
          A Sakai, #Y Murayama, #K Fujiwara,T Fujisawa, S Sasaki, S Kidoaki, M Yanagisawa*
          (#: contributed equally to this work)
          ACS Central Science, 4(4), pp.477-483

        4. Artificial cell fermentation as a platform for highly efficient cascade conversion
          K Fujiwara*, T Adachi, N Doi
          ACS Synthetic Biology, 7(2), pp 363-370 (2018), doi: 10.1021/acssynbio.7b00365
        5. Review

        6. Single micrometer-sized gels: Unique mechanics and characters for applications
          M Yanagisawa*, C Watanabe, K Fujiwara
          Gels, 4(2), 29, (2018); doi:10.3390/gels4020029
        7. 総説

        8. 細胞サイズ脂質膜小胞による”発酵”生産の可能性
          藤原 慶, バイオサイエンスとインダストリ−, 76(4) pp. 302-303 (2018)

        9. 2017

          1. Liposomal internal viscosity affects the fate of membrane deformation induced by hypertonic treatment
            #K Fujiwara*, #M Yanagisawa*
            (#: contributed equally to this work)
            Soft Matter, 13, pp. 9192-9198 (2017)

          2. Universal glass-forming behavior of in vitro and living cytoplasm
            #K Nishizawa, #K Fujiwara, M Ikenaga, N Nakajo, M Yanagisawa, and D Mizuno*
            (#: contributed equally to this work)
            Scientific Report, 7, Article number: 15143 (2017). doi:10.1038/s41598-017-14883-y

          3. In vitro transcription-translation using bacterial genome as a template to reconstitute intracellular profile
            #K Fujiwara*, #T Sawamura, T Niwa, T Deyama, SM Nomura, H Taguchi, N Doi
            (#: contributed equally to this work)
            Nucleic Acids Research, 45(19), pp. 11449-11458 (2017) DOI: 10.1093/nar/gkx776

          4. DNA cytoskeleton for stabilizing artificial cells.
            C Kurokawa, K Fujiwara, M Morita, I Kawamata, Y Kawagishi, A Sakai, Y Murayama, S M. Nomura, S Murata, M Takinoue*, M Yanagisawa*
            Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 114(28), pp. 7228-7233 (2017), doi: 10.1073/pnas.1702208114

          5. Human-derived fusogenic peptides for the intracellular delivery of proteins.
            K Sudo, K Niikura, K Iwaki, S Kohyama, K Fujiwara, N Doi*
            J. Control. Release, 255(10), pp. 1-11 (2017), doi:10.1016/j.jconrel.2017.03.398
          6. 著書

          7. ペプチド医薬品のスクリーニング・安定化・製剤化技術
            技術情報協会, 「1-4. mRNAディスプレイ法によるペプチドのスクリーニング」
            須藤慧, 藤原 慶, 土居信英

          8. 人工細胞の創製とその応用
            CMC出版, 植田充美編,「3-4. 無細胞システムによる生命システムの理解」, 藤原 慶

          9. 2016

            1. In vitro selection of bispecific diabody fragments using covalent bicistronic DNA display.
              M Nakayama, S Komiya, K Fujiwara, K Horisawa, N Doi*
              Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm., 478(16), pp. 606-611 (2016)

            2. Biochemical preparation of cell extract for cell-free protein synthesis without physical disruption.
              K Fujiwara*, N Doi
              PLOS ONE, 11(4): e0154614. (2016) doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0154614

            3. Identification of novel in vivo obligate GroEL/ES substrates based on data from a cell-free proteomics approach.
              T Niwa, K Fujiwara, H Taguchi*
              FEBS Lett., 590 (2), pp. 251-257 (2016)
            4. 翻訳

            5. 自然世界の高分子 (吉岡書店, 原題:Giant Molecules)
              原著:Alexander Y. Grosberg and Alexei R. Khokhlov、監訳: 田中 基彦、鴇田 正之
              訳: 田中 基彦、鴇田 正之、柳沢 実穂、坂上 貴洋、藤原 慶
            6. 著書

            7. DNA分子デザインのすべて〜BIOMOD虎の巻
              CBT学会eBOOK、分子ロボティクス研究会編(1章3,4,5,11の執筆担当:藤原 慶)

            8. 2015

              1. PURE mRNA display for in vitro selection of single-chain antibodies.
                Y Nagumo, K Fujiwara, K Horisawa, H Yanagawa, N Doi*
                J. Biochem., 159(5), pp. 519-526 (2015)

              2. Droplet-Shooting and Size-Filtration (DSSF) Method for Synthesis of Cell-Sized Liposomes with Controlled Lipid Compositions.
                M Morita, H Onoe, M Yanagisawa, H Ito, M Ichikawa, K Fujiwara, H Saito, M Takinoue*
                ChemBioChem, 16 (14), pp. 2029-2035 (2015), DOI: 10.1002/cbic.201500354

              3. Generation of monodisperse cell-sized microdroplets using a centrifuge-based axisymmetric co-flowing microfluidic device.
                H Yamashita, M Morita, H Sugiura, K Fujiwara, H Onoe, M Takinoue*
                J. Biosci. Bioeng., 119 (4), pp. 492-495 (2015), DOI: 10.1016/j.jbiosc.2014.09.018

              4. Peptide sequences converting polyglutamine into a prion in yeast.
                W Odani, K Urata, M Okuda, S Okuma, H Koyama, CG Pack, K Fujiwara, T Nojima, M Kinjo, S Kawai-Noma, H Taguchi*
                FEBS Lett., 282 (3), pp. 477-490 (2015)
              5. 総説

              6. 高分子混雑効果を細胞モデル系から読み解く
                柳澤 実穂, 藤原 慶
                生物物理, 55(5) pp. 246-249 (2015)


              1. Multiple patterns of polymer gels in microspheres due to the interplay among phase separation, wetting, and gelation.
                M Yanagisawa*, S Nigorikawa, T Sakaue, K Fujiwara, M Tokita.
                Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 111 (45), 15894-15899 (2014)

              2. Conversion of a Chaperonin GroEL-Independent Protein into an Obligate Substrate.
                T Ishimoto, K Fujiwara, T Niwa, H Taguchi*.
                J. Biol. Chem., 289: 32073-32080 (2014)

              3. Introducing Micrometer-Sized Artificial Objects into Live Cells: A Method for Cell-Giant Unilamellar Vesicle Electrofusion.
                AC Saito, T Ogura, K Fujiwara, S Murata, SM Nomura*.
                PLoS ONE, (9), e106853 (2014)

              4. Generation of Giant Unilamellar Liposomes Containing Biomacromolecules at Physiological Intracellular Concentrations using Hypertonic Conditions.
                K Fujiwara*, M Yanagisawa*.
                ACS Synthetic Biology, 3 (12), pp 870-874 (2014): 10.1021/sb4001917
              5. Review

              6. Reconstitution of intracellular environments in vitro and in artificial cells.
                K Fujiwara*, M Yanagisawa, SM Nomura.
                BIOPHYSICS, 10 (0), pp. 43-48 (2014)
              7. 和文

              8. DNAナノテクノロジーのためのアウトリーチツールの開発と評価.
                吉澤 慧, 藤原 慶, 野村 M.慎一郎, 村田 智*
                形の科学会誌, 2014, 29(2): 表紙を飾りました
              9. 紀要

              10. The rapid synthesis of cell-sized liposomes by centrifuge-based microfluidic device.
                M Morita, H Onoe, M Yanagisawa, K Fujiwara, H Saito, M Takinoue.
                18th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2014, pp. 336-338 (2014)
              11. 著書

              12. これだけ! 生化学 (秀和システム)
                著:生化学若い研究者の会 (執筆、編集を分担)、監修:稲垣賢二


              1. A bacterial salt sensor created by multiplying phenotypes of GroE-depleted Escherichia coli.
                K Fujiwara*, KB Aoi, SM Nomura*.
                Analytical methods, 5 (21), 5918-5922 (2013)

              2. Cooperative working of bacterial chromosome replication proteins generated by a reconstituted protein expression system.
                K Fujiwara*, T Katayama, SM Nomura.
                Nucleic Acids Research, 41 (14): 7176-7183 (2013) doi:10.1093/nar/gkt489

              3. Condensation of an additive-free cell extract to mimic the conditions of live cells.
                K Fujiwara*, SM Nomura*.
                PLoS ONE 8(1): e54155 (2013) doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0054155

              4. Physicochemical analysis from real-time imaging of liposome tubulation reveals the characteristic of individual F-BAR domain proteins.
                Y Takiguchi, T Itoh, K Tsujita, S Yamada, M Yanagisawa, K Fujiwara, M Ichikawa, A Yamamoto, K Takiguchi*.
                Langmuir, Jan 8;29(1):328-36 (2013)
              5. 紀要

              6. Molecular robotics approach for constructing artificial cell model
                SM Nomura*, Y Sato, K Fujiwara.
                12th European Conference on Artificial Life, ECAL, 488-491 (2013)

              7. Construction of remote-control supramolecular micro-crawler
                D Komatsu, K Fujiwara, SM Nomura*.
                12th European Conference on Artificial Life, ECAL, 208-209 (2013)
              8. 総説

              9. 細胞内濃厚環境に近づいた無細胞発現系
                藤原 慶, 野村 M. 慎一郎, 生物物理, 53(5), pp.262-263 (2013)

              10. 細胞抽出液の濃縮技術〜細胞再構築に向けた挑戦〜
                野村 M. 慎一郎, 藤原 慶, 月刊バイオインダストリ, Vol. 30、No.8, p.59-65 (2013)


              1. Cell-Sized Confinement in Microspheres Accelerate the Reaction of Gene Expression.
                A Kato, M Yanagisawa, YT Sato, K Fujiwara, K Yoshikawa*.
                Scientific Report, 2, Article number: 283 (2012)

              2. Mechanism of overexpression of methionine synthase in chaperonin-depleted Escherichia coli.
                K Fujiwara*, H Taguchi.
                Microbiology, 158, 917-924 (2012)


              1. A systematic survey of in vivo obligate chaperonin-dependent substrates.
                K Fujiwara, Y Ishihama, K Nakahigashi, T Soga, H Taguchi*.
                The EMBO Journal, Vol. 29, No.9, 1552-1564 (2010)

              2. Filamentous morphology in GroE-depleted Escherichia coli induced by impaired folding of FtsE.
                K Fujiwara, H Taguchi*.
                J. Bacteriol., Vol. 189, No. 16, 5860-5966 (2007)

              3. Involvement of the arginine repressor in lysine biosynthesis of Thermus thermophilus.
                K Fujiwara, T Tsubouchi, T Kuzuyama, Nishiyama M*.
                Microbiology, vol. 152, 3585-3594 (2006)

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