Syllables and Prosody

This page is for the workshop “Syllables and Prosody”, a satellite workshop for JK 2016.

Workshop title: Syllables and Prosody

Organizer: Shigeto Kawahara (Keio University) and Junko Ito (UC Santa Cruz)

Description of the workshop:
Research in metrical phonology has established that our speech is not a monotonic sequence of sounds, but is instead organized into layers of so-called “prosodic levels”. Among those levels, “syllables” have played an important role in the development of phonetic and phonological research, but there are other, higher levels of structures, e.g. “feet”, “prosodic word”, “prosodic phrase”, etc, which play non-negligible roles in governing our speech behaviors as well. In this research tradition, many important questions have been—and continue to be—addressed: (i) is the set of prosodic levels universal? (ii) what’s the limitation on cross-linguistic variations of syllable shapes across languages? (iii) how do prosodic structures affect segmental phonological patterns and phonetic implementation patterns? (iv) what are possible segmental effects on prosodification? (v) how do speakers actually express prosodic structures in their speech? In this workshop, we will discuss these issues by inviting experts in this area, with the empirical focus being Japanese, Korean and beyond.

Date and Location: Thursday, October 13th, 2016 @ NINJAL


Each talk will consist of 30 minutes talk, 15 minutes Q&A, 15 minutes break

10:00-11:00: Jongho Jun (SNU): Syllable count effects in Korean n-insertion

11:00-12:00: Junko Ito (UC Santa Cruz) & Armin Mester (UC Santa Cruz): On superheavy syllables

12:00-13:00 Break

13:00-14:00: Lisa Davidson (NYU): Prosodic conditioning of the implementation of phonation in obstruents

14:00-15:00: Haruo Kubozono (NINJAL): Syllables and moras in Japanese dialects

15:00-16:00: Shigeto Kawahara (Keio) & Jason Shaw (Yale University): Interaction of high vowel devoicing and syllabification

16:00-17:00: Seunghun Lee (ICU) & Hyun Kyung Hwang (NINJAL): The status of syllables within the prosodic hierarchy in Korean


This workshop is jointly hosted by the Keio Institute of Cultural and Linguistic Studies and National Institute for Language and Linguistic Studies. It is also supported by JSPS Grant # 26770147 to the first organizer. The workshop is free and open to anybody who is interested.


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