A Record of the Last Yoshiwara Geisha:
A lecture and exhibition to learn about what a geisha is

Alongside Mt Fuji and sushi, geisha is a term well-known abroad and is used to represent Japanese culture, but misunderstandings and misconceptions prevail. This is also the case for many Japanese people who really know about the truth of the geisha. So then,'what is a geisha'? and'what is Yoshiwara'? At the center of this documentary film is Ms Minako, the last Geisha of Yoshiwara. Minako's testimony and skills, a 350 year tradition from the Edo period she inherits, encourages us to reconsider our understanding and view of the geisha and Yoshiwara, which has been distorted by the influence of western perspectives since the modern age.

◇Sponsor: Hiyoshi Art and Performance Project (HAPP), Keio Research Center for Liberal Arts
Organizer: Mayumi Tsuda (Professor, Faculty of Economics)
◇Supporter:Japanese Culture Club of Keio University

  • Film Screening and Lecture

    ◇Lecturer: Makoto Yasuhara (Edo Subculture scholar, PhD in Japanese Literature)

    ◇Film:"Minako: Geisha of the Yoshiwara - A Record of the Yoshiwara's last living remnant"

    ◇Date:15:00〜16:30, October 10 (Sat), 2015 (Doors open at 14:30)

  • Panel Exhibition

    ◇Title:The Last Geisha: Reconsidering Japanese Culture from Yoshiwara

    ◇Venue:Event Terrace, Raiosha, Hiyoshi Campus

    ◇Date: 9:00-18:00, October 5 (Mon) to Oct 10 (Sat)
    (12:00-18:00 on Oct 5)