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About Me

Shigeto in 2019

Current academic affiliations & positions

  • The Institute of Cultural and Linguistic Studies at Keio University, Professor.

  • Associate editor, Phonology (Cambridge Univ. Press).
  • Section editor, Language and Linguistic Compass (Wiley).

  • Editorial board member, Phonetica.
  • Editorial board member, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.
  • Editorial board member, Phonological Data and Analysis.

  • A founding and current board member of ICU Linguistics.
  • The project leader for the Phonetic Society of Japan, the young scholar network for the Science Council of Japan.

    Erdös Number:
    4 (Shigeto Kawahara <= John Kingston <= Johanna Nichols <= Tandy Warnow <= Paul Erdös)

    Bacon Number:
    3 (Kawahara <= Mone Kamishiraishi <= Alan Menken <= Kevin Bacon)

    Research Interests

  • Sound symbolism (and how it may relate to theoretical phonology)
  • Probabilistic phonology, MaxEnt and other quantitative models
  • Application of Bayesian statistics for linguistic analyses
  • Open science initiative and replication practices in linguistics
  • Phonetics and phonology of voicing and geminates
  • The interplay between phonetics and phonology
  • The quality of phonological data and phonological judgment experiments
  • Online experiments for linguistic research
  • Speech-perception and its relation to phonology
  • Accent and intonation

    Current (and Recent) Projects

  • Pokémonastics!
  • ポケモン研究の発展外観図
  • IPA card

  • Studying lingual articulation of devoiced vowels with EMA (with Jason Shaw)
  • Learning broadly about Bayesian analyses, open science initiative, and several issues related to replication, and what these mean for linguistic research
  • Using information theory for phonological and phonetic analyses (with Jason Shaw and Beth Hume)
  • Articulation of geminates in Japanese (w/ Michinao Matsui and Jason Shaw)
  • Applying Finite Element Method to analyze airflow in 3-D vocal tract (with Mutsuto Kawahara and RCCM)
  • Sound symbolism (w/ Kazuko Shinohara and others)
  • Phonological judgment experiments
  • Studying duration patterns
  • The phonetics and phonology of geminate devoicing in Japanese
  • Thinking about rendaku and Lyman's Law from various perspectives
  • Articulatory correlates of metrical phrasing in English and Japanese (w/ Donna Erisckson)
  • Using EMA to explore the phonetics of Japanese (w/ Donna Erisckson and Atsuo Suemitsu)
  • Accent and intonation in East Asian languages (partly w/ Yurie Hara)
  • An experimental and corpus-based approach to Japanese puns (w/ Kazuko Shinohara)
  • The interaction of linguistic knowledge and speech perception (and the lack thereof) (w/ John Kingston)
  • The phonetics of understudied languages (w/ Seunghun Lee and Sang-im Lee-Kim)
  • Phonetics and phonology of Korean (w/ Seunghun Lee and Mira Oh).
  • Other projects that students are interested in (as long as I can help with them).

  • Assisting the MyVoice Project
  • Development and maintenance of the ICU Linguistics website (w/ Seunghun Lee)

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