#5474. 中英語における職業を表わす by-name の取り扱い (3) --- フランス語形の干渉[onomastics][personal_name][name_project][methodology][eme][by-name][latin][french][evidence][translation][occupational_term]


 昨日の記事「#5473. 中英語における職業を表わす by-name の取り扱い (2) --- ラテン語形の干渉」 ([2024-04-21-1]) に続き,今回は英語の by-name に対するフランス語形からの干渉について.Fransson (24--25) より引用する.

   Besides in English, surnames also occur very frequently in French; I have made a calculation and found that one third of the surnames of occupation treated in this book is of French origin. The reason for this is to be found in the predominating position that the French language had during this period. French was spoken by all educated people, and English by the lower classes. Those who spoke French had, of course, surnames in French, and probably also used the French forms of English names when speaking with each other. It is possible, too, that those people who spoke English were influenced by this and used the French forms of their names, which, of course, were finer. During this period a large number of French names came into the language, and a great many of these have survived to the present day, whereas the corresponding substantives have often died out.
   There is also another reason, however, for the frequent occurrence of French names; the case is that the scribe often translated English names into French, especially in early rolls. These translations, which are most common in assize rolls, are principally due to the fact that the court proceedings were generally held in French. I have found some instances in which both the English and French forms occur of the same person's surname, e.g.: Humfrey le Syur 1270 Ass 144, H. le Sawyere ib. 139 (So). --- Ric. le Charpentir 1327 SR 211, R. le Wryth 1332 SR 96 (St).


 (1) 英単語として取り入れられておらず,生粋のフランス単語の使用例である
 (2) 英単語として取り入れられているが,ここではフランス単語の使用例である
 (3) 英単語として取り入れられており,ここでは英単語の使用例である

 (1) であると確信をもって述べるためには,当時の英語文献のどこを探しても,英単語として取り込まれている形跡がないことを示す必要がある.しかし,今後の調査によって英単語として取り込まれている形跡が1例でも見つかれば,確信が揺らぐことになろう.
 (2) か (3) のケースでは,英単語として取り入れられていることは確認できたとしても,当該箇所におけるその単語が,フランス語単語として使用されているのか,あるいは英単語として使用されているのかを判別するのは難しい.というのは,その語形はフランス語の語形かフランス語に由来する語形かであり,いずれにせよきわめて似ているからである.

 ・ Fransson, G. Middle English Surnames of Occupation 1100--1350, with an Excursus on Toponymical Surnames. Lund Studies in English 3. Lund: Gleerup, 1935.

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