#5417. 表記体系は母語話者による言語学的分析の結果である[history_of_linguistics][writing][linguistics][grammatology][medium]


 Daniels (54) は「言語学史としての書き言葉の歴史」のなかで,次のように述べている.

Ordinarily, speakers have no insight into the nature of their language or what they are doing when they are speaking. But when a language is written, it is consciously written, and every writing system embodies an analysis of its languages. And that analysis is known not only to the deviser of the writing system (however great an accomplishment the act of devising a writing system may be), but also---consciously---to everyone who learns to write, and even read, that writing system. Ergo, every writing system informs us of 'native speaker analysis' of every written language, and such analyses have touched on virtually every level of analysis known to modern linguistics.


 ・ Daniels, Peter T. "The History of Writing as a History of Linguistics." Chapter 2 of The Oxford Handbook of the History of Linguistics. Ed. Keith Allan. Oxford: OUP, 2013. 53--69.

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