#5351. OED の解説でみる併置総合 parasynthesisparasynthetic[terminology][morphology][word_formation][compound][compounding][derivation][suffix][parasynthesis][adjective][participle][noun][oed]


 「#5348. the green-eyed monster にみられる名詞を形容詞化する接尾辞 -ed」 ([2023-12-18-1]) の記事で,併置総合 (parasynthesis) という術語を導入した.
 OED の定義によると "Derivation from a compound; word-formation involving both compounding and derivation." とある.対応する形容詞 parasynthetic とともに,ギリシア語の強勢に関する本のなかで1862年に初出している.OED では形容詞 parasynthetic の項目のほうが解説が詳しいので,そちらから定義,解説,例文を引用する.

Formed from a combination or compound of two or more elements; formed by a process of both compounding and derivation.

In English grammar applied to compounds one of whose elements includes an affix which relates in meaning to the whole compound; e.g. black-eyed 'having black eyes' where the suffix of the second element, -ed (denoting 'having'), applies to the whole, not merely to the second element. In French grammar applied to derived verbs formed by the addition of both a prefix and a suffix.

1862 It is said that synthesis does, and parasynthesis does not affect the accent; which is really tantamount to saying, that when the accent of a word is known..we shall be able to judge whether a Greek grammarian regarded that word as a synthetic or parasynthetic compound. (H. W. Chandler, Greek Accentuation Preface xii)

1884 That species of word-creation commonly designated as parasynthetic covers an extensive part of the Romance field. (A. M. Elliot in American Journal of Philology July 187)

1934 Twenty-three..of the compound words present..are parasynthetic formations such as 'black-haired', 'hard-hearted'. (Review of English Studies vol. 10 279)

1951 Such verbs are very commonly parasynthetic, taking one of the prefixes ad-, ex-, in-. (Language vol. 27 137)

1999 Though broad-based is two centuries old, zero-based took off around 1970 and missile lingo gave us land-based, sea-based and space-based. A discussion of this particular parasynthetic derivative is based-based. (New York Times (Nexis) 27 June vi. 16/2)

 研究対象となる言語に応じて parasynthetic/parasynthesis の指す語形成過程が異なるという事情があるようで,その点では要注意の術語である.英語では接尾辞 -ed が参与する parasynthesis が,その典型例として挙げられることが多いようだ.ただし,-ed parasynthesis に限定して考察するにせよ,いろいろなパターンがありそうで,形態論的にはさらに細分化する必要があるだろう.

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