#5346. 中英語期に英語人名へ姓が導入された背景[onomastics][personal_name][name_project][norman_conquest][prestige][sociolinguistics][by-name]


 標記の話題については,いくつかの hellog 記事で取り上げてきた.

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 ノルマン征服後,英語人名に姓に相当する要素 (last name, family name, surname, by-name) が導入された背景として,一般的には2点が指摘されている.1つは first name の種類が限定された結果,それだけでは個人を特定できなくなったこと.もう1つは,課税や法的書類記載に関わる政治的・官僚的な要因である.
 もう1つ付け加えるならば,ノルマン征服以前も大陸では(そして部分的にはイングランドでも)すでに姓を用いる習慣があるにはあったという事実を指摘しておくことは重要である.上記を含めこの辺りの事情について,Clark (553) が簡潔に説明してくれている.

Patently, such baptismal-name patterns were scarcely adequate for social identification, far less for administrative and legal purposes. By-naming --- that is, supplementation of baptismal names by phrases specifying their bearers in genealogical, residential, occupational or characteristic terms --- became, in England as elsewhere, a general necessity. Such specifying phrases had been in occasional use among English people since well before the Conquest . . . , and all signs are that shrinkage of the name-stock would in any case have soon compelled their general adoption. The Norman Conquest may well, however, have acted as a catalyst to the process, in so far as it brought in a new aristocracy among whom, as is clear not only from Domesday Book but also from the early records surviving from the settlers' homelands in Normandy, France and Flanders, use of by-names, and of territorial ones especially, was already widespread, with even more tentative movements towards family naming . . . . The prestige thus accruing to use of a by-name would hardly have hindered wider adoption of them among the general native population.

 引用の最後にある通り,貴族が採用したことにより姓に威信 (prestige) が付与され,それが庶民の姓の採用を促すことになった,という社会言語学的要因も,もう1つの背景として押さえておきたいところである.

 ・ Clark, Cecily. "Onomastics." The Cambridge History of the English Language. Vol. 2. Ed. Olga Fischer. Cambridge: CUP, 1992. 542--606.

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