#5227. 古英語の名前研究のための原資料[oe][anglo-saxon][onomastics][evidence][philology][methodology][name_project][domesday_book]


 連日の記事「#5225. アングロサクソン人名の構成要素 (2)」 ([2023-08-17-1]),「#5226. アングロサクソン人名の名付けの背景にある2つの動機づけ」 ([2023-08-18-1]) で引用・参照してきた Clark (453) より,そもそも古英語の名前研究 (onomastics) の原資料 (source-materials) にはどのようなものがあるのかを確認しておきたい.

The sources for early name-forms, of people and of places alike, are, in terms of the conventional disciplines, ones more often associated with 'History' than with 'English Studies': they range from chronicles through Latinised administrative records to inscriptions, monumental and other. Not only that: the aims and therefore also the findings of name-study are at least as often oriented towards socio-cultural or politico-economic history as towards linguistics. This all goes to emphasise how artificial the conventional distinctions are between the various fields of study.
   Thus, onomastic sources for the OE period include: chronicles, Latin and vernacular; libri vitae; inscriptions and coin-legends; charters, wills, writs and other business-records; and above all Domesday Book. Not only each type of source but each individual piece demands separate evaluation.

 伝統的な古英語の文献学的研究とは少々異なる視点が認められ,興味深い.とはいえ,文献学的研究から大きく外れているわけでもない.文献学でも引用内で列挙されている原資料はいずれも重要なものだし,引用の最後にあるように "each individual piece" の価値を探るという点も共通する.ただし,固有名は一般の単語よりも同定が難しいため,余計に慎重を要するという事情はありそうだ.

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 ・ Clark, Cecily. "Onomastics." The Cambridge History of the English Language. Vol. 1. Ed. Richard M. Hogg. Cambridge: CUP, 1992. 452--89.

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