#5199. 社会名前学名前の社会学[terminology][sociolinguistics][onomastics][linguistics]


 言語学と社会学を掛け合わせると,いずれに力点を置くかによって,社会言語学 (sociolinguistics) と言語の社会学 (sociology of language) が生じる(cf. 「#1380. micro-sociolinguistics と macro-sociolinguistics」 ([2013-02-05-1]),「#4750. 社会言語学の3つのパラダイム」 ([2022-04-29-1])).
 さらに,これらと固有名詞学 (onomastics) を掛け合わせると,標題の通り社会名前学 (socio-onomastics) と名前の社会学 (sociology of names) が立ち現われてくる.この2つの領域について,De Stefani (57) による解説を聞こう.

I draw a distinction between socio-onomastics and the sociology of names by observing divergent methodological procedures and research topics in the two fields. Socio-onomasticians apply methods inherited from sociolinguistics to the analysis of names. They use interviews, focus group discussions or questionnaires as the basis of their analyses, and describe name usage with respect to previously defined social categories (e.g. 'male', 'female', 'young', 'native', 'migrants', etc.). In this line of research, name variants as used by different populations in urban settings constitute a privileged topic of investigation . . . . By contrast, the sociology of names mainly addresses larger societal questions, arising for instance from language contact, in particular in the presence of so-called minority languages or dialects. The use of names in the construction of an individual's or a community's identity is a central topic of investigation, as exemplified for example by numerous studies on linguistic landscapes . . . .

 De Stefani では,もう1つの掛け合わせとして,相互行為の名前学 (interactional onomastics) という魅力的な領域も紹介されている.
 名前学の守備範囲は広い.「#5189. 固有名詞学の守備範囲」 ([2023-07-12-1]) を参照.

 ・ De Stefani, Elwys. "Names and Discourse." Chapter 4 of The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming. Ed. Carole Hough. Oxford: OUP, 2016. 52--66.

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