#5187. 固有名詞学のハンドブック[review][onomastics][personal_name][toponymy][eponym][demonym][toc]


 本ブログでは,「名前」を扱う言語学の分野,固有名詞学 (onomastics) に関する話題を多く取り上げてきた.人間の社会生活において名前が関わらない領域はほとんどないといってよく,名前の言語学は必然的に学際的なものとなる.実際,この分野には,昨今,熱い視線が注がれている.今回紹介するのは,この限りなく広い分野をエキサイティングに導入してくれるハンドブックである.

Hough, Carole, ed. ''The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming''. Oxford: OUP, 2016.

 私はまだ Hought によるイントロを読んだにすぎないが,すでにこの分野のカバーする領域の広さに圧倒されている.以下に目次を示そう.

 Front Matter
 1. Introduction
 Part I. Onomastic Theory
    2. Names and Grammar
    3. Names and Meaning
    4. Names and Discourse
 Part II. Toponomastics
    5. Methodologies in Place-name Research
    6. Settlement Names
    7. River Names
    8. Hill and Mountain Names
    9. Island Names
    10. Rural Names
    11. Street Names: A Changing Urban Landscape
    12. Transferred Names and Analogy in Name-formation
 Part III. Anthroponomastics
    13. Personal Naming Systems
    14. Given Names in European Naming Systems
    15. Family Names
    16. Bynames and Nicknames
    17. Ethnonyms
    18. Personal Names and Anthropology
    19. Personal Names and Genealogy
 Part IV. Literary Onomastics
    20. Theoretical Foundations of Literary Onomastics
    21. Names in Songs: A Comparative Analysis of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire and Christopher Torr's Hot Gates
    22. Genre-based Approaches to Names in Literature
    23. Corpus-based Approaches to Names in Literature
    24. Language-based Approaches to Names in Literature
 Part V. Socio-onomastics
    25. Names in Society
    26. Names and Identity
    27. Linguistic Landscapes
    28. Toponymic Attachment
    29. Forms of Address
    30. Pseudonyms
    31. Commercial Names
 Part VI. Onomastics and Other Disciplines
    32. Names and Archaeology
    33. Names and Cognitive Psychology
    34. Names and Dialectology
    35. Names and Geography
    36. Names and History
    37. Names and Historical Linguistics
    38. Names and Language Contact
    39. Names and Law
    40. Names and Lexicography
    41. Place-names and Religion: A Study of Early Christian Ireland
 Part VII. Other Types of Names
    42. Aircraft Names
    43. Animal Names
    44. Astronomical Names
    45. Names of Dwellings
    46. Railway Locomotive Names and Train Names
    47. Ship Names
 End Matter


 ・ Hough, Carole, ed. The Oxford Handbook of Names and Naming. Oxford: OUP, 2016.

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