#5021. 形態論における生産性を巡る8つの問い[productivity][word_formation][hellog_entry_set][terminology]


 形態論における生産性 (morphological productivity) とは何か? 言語学でも様々な捉え方があり,いまだに議論を呼び続けている問題である.本ブログでも何度かにわたり取り上げてきた(こちらの記事セットを参照).
 Morphological Productivity を著わした Bauer (10) は,序章において生産性を巡る8つの "potential problems" を挙げている.

(a) Is it useful to distinguish between 'productivity' and 'creativity' in morphology, and if so in what way?
(b) Are there several meanings for the term 'productivity', an if so do they conflict?
(c) Is productivity a yes/no matter or is it a matter of gradient?
(d) If it is a matter of gradient, does this imply that it is measurable on some scale?
(e) Is there a difference in kind or just a difference in degree between the new use of rare patterns to create words like Vaxen and the new use of normal patterns to create words like laptops?
(f) Does the use of unproductive processes lead to ungrammaticality?
(g) Is the answer to question (f) determined by specific constraints which may have been broken, and does it vary diachronically?
(h) What factors influence productivity if --- as was suggested here --- neither frequency nor semantic coherence do?

 歴史的な観点からは (g) が興味深いが,私としては時代によって生産性の高い/低い語形成があったり,時代を通じて同一の語形成の生産性が高くなったり低くなったりする現象に関心がある.

 ・ Bauer, Laurie. Morphological Productivity. Cambridge: CUP, 2001.

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