#4979. 不定詞の否定として to not do も歴史的にはあった[split_infinitive][infinitive][syntax][negative][prescriptive_grammar][word_order]


 「#4976. 「分離不定詞」事始め」 ([2022-12-11-1]),「#4977. 分離不定詞は14世紀からあるも増加したのは19世紀半ば」 ([2022-12-12-1]) と続けて分離不定詞 (split_infinitive) の話題を取り上げてきた.その関連で Jespersen を紐解いていて,to と動詞原形の間に否定の副詞 notnever が割って入るタイプの分離不定詞の事例が歴史的にあったことを知った.規範文法では not to do の語順が規則とされているが,必ずしもそうではなかったことになる.Jespersen より解説を引用する.

   §20.48. Not and never are often placed before to: Wilde P 38 one of the things I shall have to teach myself is not to be ashamed of it (but to not be would have been clearer) | she wished never to see him again (here never belongs to the inf., but in she never wished . . . it would belong to wished; the sentences are parallel to wished not to . . . : did not wish to . . .) | Maugham MS 140 I trained myself never to show it | Hardy L 77 they thought it best to accept, so as not to needlessly provoke him (note the place of the second adverb) | Macaulay H 1.84 he bound himself never again to raise money without the consent of the Houses | Bromfield ModHero 154 long since she had come never to speak of her at all.
   But the opposite word-order is also found: Lewis MS 140 having the sense to not go out | id B 137 I might uv expected you to not stand by me | Browning l.521 And make him swear to never kiss the girls (rhythm!).


 ・ Jespersen, Otto. A Modern English Grammar on Historical Principles. Part 5. Copenhagen: Munksgaard, 1954.

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