#4947. 推奨を表わす動詞の that 節中における shall の歴史的用例をもっと[auxiliary_verb][subjunctive][mandative_subjunctive][sobokunagimon][syntax][oed][med]


 一昨日の「#4945. なぜ推奨を表わす動詞の that 節中で shall?」 ([2022-11-10-1]) および昨日の「#4946. 推奨を表わす動詞の that 節中における shall の歴史的用例」 ([2022-11-11-1]) の記事に引き続き,従属節内で接続法(仮定法)現在でもなく should でもなく,意外な shall が用いられている歴史的用例を歴史的辞書からもっと集めてみました.
 OED を調べると,問題の用法は shall, v. の語義11aに相当します.

11. In clauses expressing the purposed result of some action, or the object of a desire, intention, command, or request. (Often admitting of being replaced by may; in Old English, and occasionally as late as the 17th cent., the present subjunctive was used as in Latin.)

a. in clause of purpose usually introduced by that.
      In this use modern idiom prefers should (22a): see quot. 1611 below, and the appended remarks.
   c1175 Ormulum (Burchfield transcript) l. 7640, 1 Þiss child iss borenn her to þann Þatt fele shulenn fallenn. & fele sHulenn risenn upp.
   c1250 Owl & Night. 445 Bit me þat ich shulle singe vor hire luue one skentinge.
   1390 J. Gower Confessio Amantis II. 213 Thei gon under proteccioun, That love and his affeccioun Ne schal noght take hem be the slieve.
   c1450 Mirk's Festial 289 I wil..schew ȝow what þis sacrament is, þat ȝe schullon in tyme comyng drede God þe more.
   1470--85 T. Malory Morte d'Arthur xiii. xv. 633 What wille ye that I shalle doo sayd Galahad.
   1489 (a1380) J. Barbour Bruce (Adv.) i. 156 I sall do swa thow sall be king.
   1558 in J. M. Stone Hist. Mary I App. 518 My mynd and will ys, that the said Codicell shall be accepted.
   1611 Bible (King James) Luke xviii. 41 What wilt thou that I shall doe vnto thee? View more context for this quotation
   a1648 Ld. Herbert Life (1976) 70 Were it not better you shall cast away a few words, than I loose my Life.
   1698 in J. O. Payne Rec. Eng. Catholics 1715 (1889) 111 To the intent they shall see my will executed.
   1829 T. B. Macaulay Mill on Govt. in Edinb. Rev. Mar. 177 Mr. Mill recommends that all males of mature age..shall have votes.
   1847 W. M. Thackeray Vanity Fair (1848) xxiv. 199 We shall have the first of the fight, Sir; and depend on it Boney will take care that it shall be a hard one.
   1879 M. Pattison Milton xiii. 167 At the age of nine and twenty, Milton has already determined that this lifework shall be..an epic poem.

 MED の shulen v.(1) の語義4a(b)と21b(ab)辺りにも,完全にピッタリの例ではないにせよ類例が挙げられています.
 歴史的な観点からすると,推奨を表わす動詞の that 節中における shall の用法の「源泉」は,緩く中英語まではたどれるといえそうです.これを受けて,改めて「物議を醸す日本ハム新球場「ファウルゾーンの広さ」問題を考えていただければと思います.
 この3日間の hellog 記事のまとめとして,今朝の Voicy 「英語の語源が身につくラジオ (heldio)」で「#530. 日本ハム新球場問題の背後にある英語版公認野球規則の shall の用法について」を取り上げました.そちらもぜひお聴きください.

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