#4946. 推奨を表わす動詞の that 節中における shall の歴史的用例[auxiliary_verb][subjunctive][mandative_subjunctive][sobokunagimon][syntax]


 昨日の記事「#4945. なぜ推奨を表わす動詞の that 節中で shall?」 ([2022-11-10-1]) に引き続き,標記の問題について.今回は歴史的な立場からコメントします.
 歴史的にみると,that 節を含む従属節において,通常であれば接続法(仮定法)現在あるいは should が用いられる環境で,意外な法助動詞 shall が現われるケースは,まったくなかったわけではありません.
 Visser (III, §1513) を調べてみると,関連する項目がみつかり,多くの歴史的な例文が挙げられています.今回の話題は,いわゆる mandative_subjunctive という接続法現在の用法と,その代用としての should の使用に関わる問題との絡みで議論しているわけですが,Visser の例文にはいわゆる「#2647. びっくり should」 ([2016-07-26-1]) の代用としての shall の用例も含まれています.

   1513---Type 'It (this) is a sori tale, þæt þet ancre hus schal beon i ueied to þeo ilke þreo studen'

   There is a rather small number of constructions in which shall is employed in a clause depending on such formulae as 'it is a wonderful thing', 'this is a sorry tale', 'alas!' Usually one finds should used in this case, or, in older English, modally marked forms.

     . . . | c1396 Hilton, Scale of Perfection (MS Hrl) 1, 37, 22b, þanne sendiþ he to some men temptacions of lecherie . . . þei schul þinke hit impossible . . . þat þey ne shulle nedinges fallen but if þei han help. . . . | 1528 St. Th. More, Wks. (1557) 126 D10, Than said he ferther that yt was meruayle that the fyre shall make yron to ronne as siluer or led dothe. | 1711 Steele, Spect. no. 100, It is a wonderful thing, that so many, and they not reckoned absurd, shall entertain those with whome they converse by giving them the History of their Pains and Aches. | 1879 Thomas Escott, England III, 39, He has to judge whether it is advisable that repairs in any farm-buildings shall be undertaken this year or shall be postponed until the next (P.).

 最後の "it is advisable that . . . shall . . . ." などは参考になります.ただし,この shall の用法は,歴史的にみてもおそらく頻度としては低かったのではないかと疑われます.
 ちなみに,現代英語の類例を求めて BNCweb で渉猟してみたところ,"An Islay notebook. Sample containing about 46775 words from a book (domain: world affairs)" という本のなかに1つ該当する例をみつけました(赤字は引用者による).

802 "This Meeting being informed that Cart Drivers are very inattentive as to their Conduct upon the road with Carts It is now recommended that all Travellers upon the road shall take to the Left in all situations, and that when a Traveller upon the road shall loose a shew of his horse, the Parochial Blacksmith shall be obliged to give preference to the Traveller. "

 おそらく稀な用法なのでしょうが,問題の環境での shall の使用は皆無ではない(そしてなかった)ことは確認されました.

 ・ Visser, F. Th. An Historical Syntax of the English Language. 3 vols. Leiden: Brill, 1963--1973.

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