#4890. 中英語作品『ガウェイン卿と緑の騎士』より緑の騎士が登場するシーン[sggk][me_text][me_dialect][literature][popular_passage][voicy][heldio]


 来たる11月25日に公開予定の映画『グリーン・ナイト』は,中英語テキスト Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (『ガウェイン卿と緑の騎士』;sggk)の本格的な翻案作品です.その字幕監修を,岡本広毅先生(立命館大学)が担当されています.その岡本先生と来週 Voicy 生放送で対談することになっていますので,ぜひお聴きください.詳しくは「#4885. 「英語ヴァナキュラー談義(岡本広毅&堀田隆一)」のお知らせ(9月20日(火)14:50--15:50 に Voicy 生放送)」 ([2022-09-11-1]) をご参照ください.
 今回は生放送に先立って,SGGK の中英語原文を少し紹介しておきたいと思います.この作品は,Chaucer などと同時代の14世紀後半のものとされる写本 British Library MS Cotton Nero A.x にのみ現存する 2530行,101スタンザからなる作者不明の韻文テキストです.いわゆるアーサー王物というジャンルの作品です.同写本には,他に Pearl, Cleanness, Patience という作品が収められています.中英語の中西部方言で書かれています.各スタンザは,頭韻を踏む12--37の長詩行の後に,5行の "bob and wheel" と呼ばれる ababa 型の短い脚韻行が続くという形式になっています.
 今回は,冒頭に近い ll. 130--50 より,緑の騎士が登場する印象的なシーンを覗いてみることにしましょう.Andrew and Waldron 版からの引用です.

Now wyl I of hor seruise say yow no more,
For vch wyȝe may wel wit no wont þat þer were.
Anoþer noyse ful newe neȝed biliue,
Þat þe lude myȝt haf leue liflode to cach;
For vneþe watz þe noyce not a whyle sesed,
And þe fyrst cource in þe court kyndely serued,
Þer hales in at þe halle dor an aghlich mayster,
On þe most on þe molde on mesure hyghe;
Fro þe swyre to þe swange so sware and so þik,
And his lyndes and hys lymes so longe and so grete,
Half-etayn in erde I hope þat he were,
Bot mon most I algate mynn hym to bene,
And þat þe myriest in his muckel þat myȝt ride;
For of bak and of brest al were his bodi sturne,
Both his wombe and his wast were worthily smale,
And alle his fetures folȝande in forme, þat he hade,
      Ful clene.
    For wonder of his hwe men hade,
    Set in his semblaunt sene;
    He ferde, as freke were fade,
    And oueral enker grene.

 Voicy 「英語の語源が身につくラジオ (heldio)」の本日の放送「#473. 『ガウェイン卿と緑の騎士』より緑の騎士が登場するシーンを中英語原文で読み上げます」で,この中英語原文を読み上げていますので,合わせてお聴きください.

 意味を確認するために Bantock の現代韻文訳より,同じ ll. 130--50 の箇所を引用します.

I've told you enough about the tables there
For you to guess how gorgeous that feast was.
But now another new uproar quickly approached,
That stirred Aurthur's spirit so strongly he started to eat.
For, just as the joyful music was fading away
And the first of the festive dishes was duly being served,
The doors crashed open wide with a terrible din
And a hideous giant charged boldly into the hall!
His body was strong and so broad from neck to waist,
And his legs and arms and thighs so long and thick,
He might have been half a giant and half a man,
But if a man, the biggest of all on this earth
That ever rode on horse; and most handsome too;
For though his breast and back were broad and stout,
His waist was slender and his belly lithe and slim,
And all of his features followed this twofold form ---
      Both lust and lean!
    By his colouring the court was amazed,
    The most staggering sight they had seen,
    For the body of that bold knight blazed
    Head to foot with flaming bright green!

 日本語訳としては,池上より (p. 9) 引用します.


 ・ Andrew, Malcolm and Ronald Waldron, eds. The Poems of the Pearl Manuscript. 3rd ed. Exeter: U of Exeter P, 2002.
 ・ Bantock, Gavin, trans. Sir Gawain & the Green Knight . Pearl: Two Middle-English Poems. Brimstone P, 2018.
 ・ 池上 忠弘(訳) 『「ガウェイン」詩人 サー・ガウェインと緑の騎士』 専修大学出版局,2009年.

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