#4805. "World Englishes" と "ELF" の共存を目指して[world_englishes][elf][lingua_franca][sociolinguistics]


 現代世界の英語事情を巡る論文集 English in the World を読み進めているが,関連する様々な議論への入り口となる論考の結論において Seidlhofer (48) が "World Englishes" と "ELF" の相互関係について,対立ではなく共存であるべきだと主張している.

Conclusion: Live and let live
This volume is intended as a contribution to an exchange of views and a constructive debate between proponents of World Englishes, or nativized varieties of English, and proponents of EIL, or ELF. It seems to me that each group (although the 'groups' themselves are of course abstractions and constructions) can benefit from learning more about what is happening in the field of 'English in the World' as a whole, and again, I am hopeful that this collection will make this possible. There are certainly important differences between World Englishes and EIL --- simply by virtue of the very different sociohistorical and sociocultural settings in which these Englishes have arisen and are being used. But acknowledging and understanding these differences does not have to entail the setting up of what are actually false dichotomies, such as WE vs EIL, pluricentric vs monolithic, tolerance of diversity vs prescribed rules. It is perfectly clear that the functions of language are manifold in all societies, and that any language serves the purposes of identification and communication. Identification with a primary culture on the one hand and communication across cultures on the other are equally worthwhile endeavours, and there is no reason why they should not happily coexist and enrich each other.

 1つは英語を諸英語へと分裂させていく遠心力としての "identification" 作用.もう1つは英語をまとめあげていく求心力としての "communication" 作用.ここで Seidlhofer は,英語という言語に認められる2つの相反する作用を指摘し,そのバランスを取ることの重要性を主張している.これは私自身が抱いている英語観や言語観とも一致する.関連して以下の記事を参照.

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 ・ Seidlhofer, Barbara. "English as a Lingua Franca in the Expanding Circle: What It Isn't." English in the World: Global Rules, Global Roles. Ed. Rani Rubdy and Mario Saraceni. London: Continuum, 2006. 40--50.

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