#4756. アングロサクソン時代の略年表[timeline][anglo-saxon][oe][literature]


 新学期の古英語の授業も少しずつ軌道に乗ってきた.時代背景を理解するために,この辺りでアングロサクソン時代の略年表を掲げたい.すでに「#2526. 古英語と中英語の文学史年表」 ([2016-03-27-1]),「#2871. 古英語期のスライド年表」 ([2017-03-07-1]),「#3193. 古英語期の主要な出来事の年表」 ([2018-01-23-1]) で類似の年表を掲げているが,バリエーションがあったほうがよいと考えているので今回は Godden and Lapidge (xii--xiii) からの略年表を再現する.

Chronological table of the Anglo-Saxon period

from c. 400Germanic peoples settle in Britain
c. 540Gildas in De excidio Britanniae laments the effects of the Germanic settlements on the supine Britons
597St Augustine arrives in Kent to convert the English
616death of Æthelberht, king of Kent
c. 625ship-burial at Sutton Hoo (mound 1)
633death of Edwin, king of Northumbria
635Bishop Aidan established in Lindisfarne
642death of Oswald, king of Northumbria
664Synod of Whitby
669Archbishop Theodore and Abbot Hadrian arrive in Canterbury
674monastery of Monkwearmouth founded
682monastery of Jarrow founded
687death of St Cuthbert
689death of Cædwalla, king of Wessex
690death of Archbishop Theodore
c. 700'Lindisfarne Gospels' written and decorated
709deaths of Bishops Wilfrid and Aldhelm
716--57Æthelbald king of Mercia
731Bede completes his Ecclesiastical History
735death of Bede
754death of St Boniface, Anglo-Saxon missionary in Germany
757--96Offa king of Mercia
781Alcuin of York meets Charlemagne in Parma and thereafter leaves York for the Continent
793Vikings attack Lindisfarne
802--39Ecgberht king of Wessex
804death of Alcuin
839--56Æthelwulf king of Wessex
869Vikings defeat and kill Edmund, king of East Anglia
871--99Alfred the Great king of Wessex
878Alfred defeats the Viking army at the battle of Edington, and the Vikings settle in East Anglia (879--80)
899--924Edward the Elder king of Wessex
924--39Athelstan king of Wessex and first king of All England
937battle of Brunanburh: Athelstan defeats an alliance of Scots and Scandinavians
957--75Edgar king of England
859--88Dunstan archbishop at Canterbury
963--84Æthelwold bishop at Winchester
964secular clerics expelled from the Old Minster, Winchester, and replaced by monks
971--92Oswald archbishop at York
973King Edgar crowned at Bath
978--1016Æthelred 'the Unready' king of England
975--7Abbo of Fleury at Ramsey
991battle of Maldon: the Vikings defeat an English army led by Byrhtnoth
c. 1010death of Ælfric, abbot of Eynsham
1011Byrhtferth's Enchiridion
1013the English submit to Swein, king of Denmark
1016--35Cnut king of England
1023death of Wulfstan, archbishop of York
1042--66Edward the Confessor king of England
1066battle of Hastings: the English army led by Harold is defeated by the Norman army led by William the Conqueror

 ・ Godden, Malcolm and Michael Lapidge, eds. The Cambridge Companion to Old English Literature. Cambridge: CUP, 1986.

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